September 28, 2012

Playskool Ball Popper Replacement Balls.

The surtitle of this post should be How to make a kindof ok toy FILLED WITH AWESOME AND WIN.  But that seemed to take up too much space...

So for my daughter's first Christmas she got one of these.  The Playskool Busy Ball Popper:
I think just about everyone in her age group got one that year.  There was a target coupon or something.  I'm fuzzy on the details.  And they must still be selling them b/c I've seen them at tons of my friends houses.  Knowing how ubiquitous this toy is I had to share this amazing with you.  Here's how to turn this thing up to an 11.

STEP 1:  Lose some of the balls.  Ok that's not really a step but we've all done it.  Ours was down to 3 balls.  I think the dog killed one. So the toy was kindof meh.  And also just REALLY LOUD for no reason.

STEP 2:  Fill out this form:  Hasbro Replacement Ball Popper Parts.  Which is your key to unlock the magic.  If you are like me you will use Jeanne logic while filling out said form and instead of merely ordering 5 new balls you will order 20.  Ahem.

STEP 3:  Wait a few weeks.  Completely forget that you bothered to do this in the first place.

STEP 4:  The balls arrive in the mail!  Yay!


Now my husband opened the package and used similar logic as I employed when ordering.  Which means he wanted to see what happened when we put in ALL OF THE BALLS.

This is obviously the best idea ever.
STEP 5:  Awesome and Win and Hilarity and SO.MUCH.FUN.


Yup.  Best Idea Ever.
IMG_6127 copy
IMG_6128 copy

I'll let the smiles speak for themselves:

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