September 19, 2012

The First Day of School. Ever.

So!  Lots going on - Vacation!  Trunk Shows!  Finished Projects!  But.  I'll get to all of that later.  Because today was a very important day.  Today was my daughter's first day of school.  Ever.

First Day of School

She started today at a local preschool as part of their 3 day 3 year old program.  We've been talking about it with her ever since we decided on a school back in January.  Today was finally the day.  She was SO EXCITED:

First Day of School

No, really.  She was up at the crack of dawn and bouncing off of the walls.

First Day of School

I ended up throwing them in the car about 20 min early just to get her to calm down for a bit.

First Day of School
Putting makeup on in the car.  Wonder where she learned that behavior from.
She was one of the first kids there - we actually waited outside for a few min before the teacher opened the door.

First Day of School
Her school bag is a Brave bag because it has her picture on it.  Wait.
And as soon as she did my kid took off running.

First Day of School
Pictured:  the cloud of dust where my kid used to be.
Um... ok?  I mean not only was there no drama or tears or woe but SHE DIDN'T EVEN SAY GOOD BYE.  No, really.  Not a wave, not a glance back.  I mean... I was flabbergasted.  That was not what I expected. 

First Day of School
Pictured:  Someone who is confident, excited, and totally does not need their mommy anymore at all.
And while it tugs on my heartstrings a bit to be cast aside so quickly this is what she's been preparing for.  I just didn't quite realize she would be SO prepared.

First Day of School

The dude and I headed out for some one on one time:

First Day of School
Really, mom.  A doctor's trip?  With shots?  Preschool sucks.
Before braving the pick up line:

First Day of School
First time waiting in a carline.  Aka what the next many years of my life is going to look like.
I am happy to report that she was very glad to see me.  Smiled and took my hand all proud.

Reunited with her Main Kitty after her first day.  #happy
Her Main Kitty was in the car waiting for her.
She talked about school a little bit but it was really just little pieces.  She's got an entire life now that's all her own.  And her world just got a whole lot bigger.

But she did tell me one very important thing:

"I like school."

First Day of School

I am so, SO proud of her!
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