September 7, 2012

Vacation Knitting!

So!  We're off!  And I"m frantically running around packing, and laundry, and.... blogging.  About knitting.  Anyways I just had to throw this up here because I have been looking forward to this project for almost as long as I have been looking forward to this vacation.

I'm going to knit a hitchhiker out of my new colorway Route 66 while on a road trip.

YES.  So much yes.  I love it when a pattern name and a colorway line up.  See also:  My Florida Sunshine Socks, my Girl Scouts are Good Citizens Shawl, my Flaming Desire Socks, etc. etc. etc.

It's kindof a thing.

This is what the hitchiker shawl looks like:

And how about a few hastily taken iphone yarn photos while on my way out the door?
Route 66 is a mix of vintage teals and oranges.  Inspired by imagery such as this:

Route 66 is not up on the Etsy site, yet.  Actually the entire etsy site is on vaca right now.  But!  Destination Yarn will be at Soft 'n Sassy for a trunk show as part of the Yarn Discovery Tour on September 22.  I will most definitely bring this new and fantastic colorway.


 Get your kicks...


Catch you on the flip side!
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