October 30, 2012

Sandy in Cleveland.

So.  Last night.  Wow.  70 mph winds, ridiculous rain, 20 foot plus waves.  I know it was nowhere near the destruction that NYC and NJ faced but Cleveland got hit hard.  So I thought I'd post some of the things I've seen / experienced.

Edgewater Marina
Lake Erie this morning from Edgewater Marina.  Photo courtesy of my dad.
We were super, super lucky.  We are fine.  Our house is fine.  We have power.  And water.  The only damage we're dealing with is our gate which blew off it's hinges and is all warped and messed up.  So we are extremely lucky and thankful.  Because it could have been so, SO much worse:

Edgewater Marina
Another crazy Lake Erie picture from my dad.  The waves are bigger than the breakwall!!!

The wind last night sounded like thunder.  I've never heard that before.  So many people I know have roof damage, or serious leaks, or water in their basements.  We are dry, thank God.  And our roof is in tact.  And there are no trees on anything all that important.  Although they are down all over the city and some were not as lucky:
Picture courtesy of @TishTish of my parents' street.  Entire tree uprooted.  It seems to have missed the houses but SCARY.

In West Park we were with power for about 15 hours.  No big deal at all.  They are estimating that the 157,000 people in Cuyahoga County who don't have power won't see it back on for a week.  That is a horribly long time.  I hope that estimate is off.

Breakfast by candlelight. Hopefully our power comes on again soon!
Breakfast by candlelight.  Everything is a great adventure for kids if you spin it that way!

Matt's office was without power today so he worked from home:

Working from home.
With lots of help, of course.
The kids played with blocks and puzzles and had LOTS of questions about the power situation.
Awesome creation by our Daughter.  Blocks always look so PoMo.

Why can't we have toast?  Why doesn't my heater work?  Will my fish be ok in the dark?  What's' with the dog?
She's afraid of the wind. So the next few days should be fun. #dog #dogsofinstagram #frankenstorm
The dog was terrified of this entire ordeal and basically tried to sleep on my head last night.

Some of the biggest damage happened on the lakefront where there were waves big enough to go over the breakwalls.  I-90 was flooded and shut down.  And marinas were devastated:

Edgewater Marina
Edgewater Marina

Edgewater Marina

Edgewater Marina

Edgewater Marina
Photos of Edgewater Marina all courtesy of my dad.

According to my dad, Captain Tom, over 30 boats sank out of Edgewater with many more damaged.  So far the Peerless II is still afloat but it's nowhere near out of the woods yet:

103012 024
The Peerless II.  She's still afloat but inaccessible.  And if the whole dock goes.... let's hope it holds.
Overall this was a pretty terrifying storm.  My heart goes out to those who are still without power and are dealing with serious damage to their homes.
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