October 8, 2012

West Side Market 100.

So.  I am so far behind with blogging that I don't even know where to start.  So instead of trying to backblog I'm just going with what went on yesterday.  Especially since something pretty awesome happened for Cleveland yesterday:

This place is just so instagrammable.  #wsm100 #westsidemarket #happyincle
The West Side Market celebrated it's 100th Anniversary with a big festival.  The weather, unfortunately, did not cooperate.  So we bundled up in some warm hats:

West Side Market 100
West Side Market 100

 And braved the rain and cold to check out the parade:

West Side Market 100 West Side Market 100

The kids' favorite was the Very Hungry Caterpillar:

West Side Market 100

Then we headed to the craft tent to try to warm the kids up a bit while enjoying a delicious food truck lunch:
West Side Market 100
I didn't snap a picture but the Dude was crazy over the gyro.  Seriously.  He cried inbetween bites.  I forgot how much he loved those.

Smoothie. Yes. #toddler #smoothie
By the time we were done we were completely frozen through.  But we had to go inside for at least a little bit:

West Side Market 100
Choir playing on the balcony.
It was crazy here today!  #wsm100 #happyincle
So. Many. People.
Unfortunately with the crowd and two little ones it was a bit too much.  We  walked in and walked right back out again without so much as stopping at the spice booth.  We'll have to take the kids back sometime soon on a regular day.

Freezing at the west side market 100th anniversary celebration. #wsm100
Us outside ready to bolt to the car.  It's a testament to how worn out and cold we were that my daughter submitted to being put in the stroller.  Much easier to run through the pouring rain to the car that way!
It was fun to go and be a part of something so significant for our city!

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