November 19, 2012

All the Baby Questions Answered.

So!  Yes.  I am pregnant.  And basically am oscillating between crazy excited and fucking terrified.  You know... like any pregnancy.  So how about I answer all of the basic questions about what's going on?

1.)  When are you due / how far along are you?

June 10, 2013.  Which means that I am 11 weeks.  So still very early.  Also Summer Baby!  Which, I've been told, is the most awesome time to have a birthday b/c pool parties and ice cream.  Yes.  Also it gives me 3 months to figure out how to get out the door with THREE OF THEM before preschool starts up again.

Pictured:  why I can't wait for them to get the kindle for Xmas. THERE ARE BOOKS EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME.
My house is going to be such a disaster area...
2.)  How are you feeling?
Pregnant.  I'm basically a ball of first trimester suck.  As is to be expected.  But each pregnancy is different and this one has been the Pregnancy of Nighttime Puking and Woe.  The cycle goes like this:  I lay down and close my eyes, the spinning starts, the spinning makes me nauseous, so then the puking starts, I puke until EVERYTHING is out of me, I get dehydrated and a headache, I slowly start to sip water and keep it down, I finally am able to eat some crackers and keep those down, It's 5AM and I"m just able to get to sleep, my kids wake me up at 6:30.  So that's happening.  It's not every night and I'm sure there's some magic formula of eating or not eating I haven't discovered yet to make it stop.  I kindof feel like I've tried everything, though.  Insomnia makes everything harder and I've pretty much turned into a mess of things I was supposed to do.  Also I'm starting to be convinced that this kid wants to turn me into a zombie complete with the gagging and drooling...

3.)  Where are you going to put this kid?
Yeah I have no fucking clue.  We haven't worked that detail out yet.  But!  Any time I start to worry too much about it I think of the words of the ever fabulous Laura Bennett:

"I'll just throw it on the pile with the others" - Laura on her 6th child.

That's pretty much how we feel about it.  We have lots of options for how we arrange our house next and all of them involve someone (or all of them) sharing.  I actually think that's a good thing.  At some point I'd love for my children to find a spouse and share a room with someone for the rest of their lives.  Might as well get used to it now!  Also bunk beds are about the coolest thing ever.  So at this point I'm more concerned about lap space than house space:

Um so where does a third go exactly?
Seriously where does a third go?  I have no more lap!

4.)  Do you have pictures?
Nope.  My doctor's office has changed policies since my last pregnancy and they no longer do the hi how are you ultrasound in the beginning.  Which I didn't know about until I was there for my first visit.  So the poor nurse practitioner in training who was doing my initial exam got to witness me slowly freak out.  And then really freak out.  And then basically beg for a sonogram or anything to hear a heartbeat.  Complete with tears.  I didn't realize how much I was counting on seeing that flickering pixel until I was told it wasn't going to happen.  But yeah... I really, really needed that reassurance.  Luckily my doctor's office is AWESOME.  The actual nurse practitioner literally snuck an ultrasound machine into my room and did the quickest ultrasound ever.  So I got to see the baby.  And the very strong heartbeat.  The baby even jumped and then waved at me.  It was amazing.  As I was leaving the nurse told me that she completely understood where I was coming from - she has 4 kids.  And with each pregnancy she got more and more terrified because how blessed could she be?  THAT.  EXACTLY THAT.

Yeah. The Legos are out again. #lego #siblings #funtimes
I'll just put this picture here....

5.) Was it planned?
Um.  Ok.  Quite a few people have asked us this and frankly I find it rude.  First of all unless you are my very close friend I have no desire to discuss the details of my sex life with you thankyouverymuch.  Second of all the implication here is that a third child is is INSANE and there's no way this would have happened unless it was some kind of accident or mistake.  NO.  Third of all we're educated adults in our 30's who have been married for 8 years and already have 2 children.  I think by now we know how babies are made.

Showing some pumpkin cream cheese who's boss.
The Dude is not amused.
6.)  Is it a boy or a girl?
We can't know that yet.  I'm not even sure we'll find out this time as it SO doesn't matter.  We have one of each so this is just bonus.  Although my daughter will entertain no other possibility than girl.

7.)  What did that announcement diagram mean?
They are defense strategy diagrams for a football team.  So honestly I'm not entirely sure.  The red x's being the parents/defenders and the black circles being the kids/receivers.  The first one where there's one black circle for two red x's looks a hell of alot easier than the third one where the poor little red x's are completely overwhelmed by black circles!
Zone Defense
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