December 9, 2012

The closest I'll ever get to being Royalty

So.  I disappeared there for a bit.  Yeah I've been sick.  Real sick.  Like ended up in the ER b/c I couldn't stop throwing up sick.  So that was... fun.  Considering that my kid was sick last week, too, and my entire twitter feed for the last few weeks has been horror stories of puking I'm guessing it was an unholy combo of pregnancy and flu.  Whatever it was I made the right call in going into the hospital.  I debated it and debated it but didn't want to wake my whole family up.  So I called the On Call Nurse at 3AM.  Who basically told me "Bitch, get off the phone and get your ass into the ER."    So I manned up and drove myself in.  Also you know it's bad when they give you a IV dose of Zofran and you keep puking.  BUT!  We're all on the mend now.  I'm still pretty weak and I have no energy whatsoever but I'm hydrated.  Which is not nothing.

(I started telling that story in a much longer version including details of my kid's pukefest but decided noone wanted to hear about that.  Although I'm tempted to just SEO the shit out of it because it's gotten to the point where I kindof feel like I've become something of a puke expert.  I have so many pearls of wisdom on this issue!  Such as this gem:  If you think you might be sick NEVER, EVER wear a cowl neck sweater.)

(another aside:  Junk punches for everyone who called the Duchess of Cambridge's recent hospital trip "privileged"  Um... puking so much you are dehydrated to the point of hospitalization is AWFUL no matter how many crown jewels you own.  And throat punches for anyone who has said that "it should abate by the second trimester"  HAAAAAAAA.  Yeah you don't start a pregnancy puking that much only to magically feel 100% better once the clock turns week 14.  More like you keep most of your food down and it's a pregnancy miracle worth celebrating with cheese-steak)

ANYWAYS!  How about a quick photo summary of the last few weeks?

My daughter and I got to be guest judges for the Gingerbread House competition at Glow - the completely revamped winter festival at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens:

My girl and I at the Cleveland Botanical Garden!
More on it tomorrow.  Very cool event.

For Thanksgiving we went to a family reunion in PA and then continued on to DC to visit our friends for real this time:

Making friends with Rufus. @mouthy_broad 's kitty.
Rufus was happy we made it this time.
The highlight of which was going to see the Big Planes at the National Air and Space Museum (not the one on the mall.  the one where the Really Big Stuff is kept):

Big Planes

 And the Space Shuttle Discovery:
Big Planes
Checking out the space shuttle Discovery.  #latergram #discovery #space

And the landing thingy for Apollo 11 which blew my mind:

Big Planes
seriously how did they ever convince astronauts any of this was a good idea?

In the calm between my daugther's sick and my sick we decorated a bit and went to a bar for some football:

Some weekend fun

We also cleaned out our crazy hoarder basement.  It was pretty insane down there.  Once we sorted and removed the layers of baby crap it felt like visiting an apartment we used to live in.  But it's time to move on and we have listed quite a bit of the nonsense on Craigslist.  Such as this wonderful pool table:

Some weekend fun
And an elliptical that we acquired accidentally that I have literally never (and will never) used.

So yeah. I think that's about it for now.  Hopefully now that I'm over the worst of it I'll be back to this space with some regularity again.  I miss blogging the same way that I miss so many things I haven't been able to do lately (knitting, eating solid foods, dying yarn, functioning as an adult, etc.)
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