January 10, 2013

Hello? Anyone out there?

Hi!  So!  I disappeared there for a bit.  To sum up I've been sick.  For the last month.  With some sortof death cold turned bronchitis.  And in the middle of it all the holiday crazy hit and it was all I could do to keep afloat of all the funtimes without the ability to take any sudaphed.

Pictured:  THE FUNTIMES.
Especially since so many of those funtimes involved being outside:

My backyard. Snow! Friends! Yay!
When you have a house full of people and it blizzards the only course of action is to dig out all of your ski gear, bundle everyone up, and build a snowman in the back yard.  Clearly.
Getting all bundled up.  Btw I knit her sweater. It's a drive thru. #knit #sweater #knitting #wool #handmade #picstitch
For seriously how cute are they in their snow gear?  And yes, I knit that sweater.

Building a snowman w our friends.
There may have been many adults in our yard but the girl was still decidedly in charge of the creative process.
Our awesome snowman. #snow #snowman #happyincle
Yes.  Even our snowman has kicky handknit accessories.
But!  This is happening now:

Fuck yes. So how long btwn taking my first dose and feeling sort of human again?
Serious course of antibiotics.
That would also be yet another reason why I love my doctor.  She is of the opinion that we need to kick this bug the hell out of my system so that I can get back to the very important business of growing this baby.  True that.  Anyways lots of catchup posts coming but for the time being I'll leave you with this.

Yup.  See with the sicknesses and the pregnancy and the general LIFE that happens when you have two small children I hadn't knit a stitch, dyed a batch, or done anything creative at all in months.  I KNOW!  And then I was confused as to why I didn't feel like myself anymore?  And why I was using my holiday candy as a creative outlet? So I've decided that I can't live that way anymore.  I WILL find time to knit/be creative if I have to steal every stitch:

I will find time to #knit again if I have to steal every stitch. #today #day1#fmphotoaday #hitchhiker
Multitasking FTW!
You know what I've found?  It's amazing how much you can get done in the inbetween time:

Tried to start the new year knitting for the first time in forever. The dog is NOT amused. #knit #knitting #destinationyarn #hitchhiker
The dog is not thrilled with this plan.
Before I knew it I had finished the hitchiker that has been languishing on my needles since August:

Just finished #knitting my #hitchhiker w literally 8 inches of #yarn left!  Love it when it works that way! #knit #destinationyarn #shawl
Obviously I need to photograph this with my real camera and not at 11 at night immediately after I cast off.  But still - Finished project!  First since I've been pregnant!
And it felt good.  Next on my knit whenever I can list is my ripple hat.

Playing the will I have enough yarn? Game. #knit #knitting #yarn #destinationyarn #hat #ripple
Knitting with the colorway Frozen Great Lake in January in Cleveland is incredibly satisfying.

I"m guessing I can have it done by my presentation at the Crooked River Knitting Guild in week.  We shall see....
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