January 16, 2013


So!  This week my daughter had her first ever homework assignment.  And she was So! Excited!  Really.  See every week in preschool there is a Letter of the Week.  And every week one lucky kid gets to take home the mystery box and the letter.  They get to decorate the letter and put something into the mystery box. This week was her week.  And her letter was M. It's crazy fun.  No, really.  Check it out:

We ditched her brother with grandma and went to the craft store by ourselves for supplies.  Which in and of itself was an awesome adventure.  Craft store with mommy!  No will power zone of stickers and paint!  Yay!

She picked out a piece of scrapbook paper with a map on it to cover the M with.  Then a whole bunch of different stickers.  Monkeys!  And music notes!  And Unicorns!  Wait... what?  Because Unicorns are Magic!  No arguing with that logic.


Then we picked out something super special to put in the box.  Her clues are as follows:

It has BIG antlers.

It has 4 legs.

It lives in the woods.

She's been practicing saying these clues in a clear, loud voice for days now.  She has them memorized.  And is happy to quiz anyone who comes across her path.  Figure it out yet?  It's a...


As opposed to all of the creatures who have BIG antlers and 2 legs.  I ... again I can't argue with the logic.

Then she decided that she HAD to bring Mini Muffins into school to complete the M theme.  This is not really part of the assignment.  But far be it for me to dissuade someone from going above and beyond on the schoolwork.  AHEM.  So we emailed her teacher and asked if it would be OK.  Obviously, it was.

Making Marvelous Mini Muffins for M day at school.

She started calling the MAGNIFICENT MINI MUFFINS but decided that was a bit much.  Once again the logic is not flawed.

Neither are the delicious, delicious muffins.
So right now she's at school presenting her M things.  And I'm honestly kindof dying a little bit.  I'd love to see this all in action.  But the point is for me NOT to be there.  For her to do this little presentation on her own.  I know that but seriously hearing her clues is about the cutest thing ever.  And I am just bursting with pride over the whole dumb thing.  Yes.  It's M words.  It's not rocket science.  But seeing her excited about school, excited about doing well, excited to go the extra step in her work.... It's pretty awesome.
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