January 23, 2013

Red Fish Blue Fish Hat.

So!  Remember the super cute fair-isle hat I knit for my daughter when she was a toddler?  Here's the post on it.  Yeah I loved it so much that I decided to do the same thing for my son.  So somewhere about 11 weeks ago according to my instagram feed I drafted out this:

Designing a hat for my dude. #fish #knit #knitting #hat #chart
See back then one of the dude's only clear words was FISH!  So clearly he needed a fish hat.  It started growing pretty quickly:

This is the only hat I have that fits my son and isn't a pink hand me down from his sister. MUST KNIT FASTER. #knit #hat #fairisle #wool #knittingFish!!! #knit #knitting #fairisle #colorwork #hat #wool
And then... disaster:

Red fish blue fish!  But the blue fish don't really show up well against the gray. Debating ripping back... Thoughts? #knit #knitting #wool #hat #handknit #fairisle #colorwork
Well not really disaster.  But I didn't like how the blue fish looked against the gray.  So I ripped out and started over.  And then I screwed something up.  And then a few months went by... and suddenly it was January, the temperature was set to drop by a lot, and the only hat that I had that fit him that wasn't a pink hand me down wasn't even close to finished.


Honestly all it took was one night at my Thursday night knitting group and it was done.  I just never have that uninterrupted time anymore to really crank stuff out.  It's good it's the only project I planned on working on b/c this amount of ends to tuck in would have been the end of me:

So. Many. Ends. #knit #knitting #wool
But!  Victory was mine!

VICTORY IS MINE!!!! #knit #knitting #wool #hat #fairisle #stranded #handknithat #fish

And oh.  OH THE CUTE:

Fish Hat!

 I cannot handle the cute:

Fish Hat!

 So.  So much cute:

Fish Hat!
By the end I had abandoned the chart and was just winging it.  I love how the top came out, though.  The waves swirl around to the top.  So, so happy with how it came out!
He got to wear it for the first time on an impromptu trip to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo b/c it was sunny outside and not *as* cold as the day before:

Fish Hat!

I'm not going to lie.  I love the zoo.  Almost as much as my kids do.

Fish Hat!
My kids in their handknit hats checking out the lions.  The girl is wearing her Kitty Hat blogged here.

And if you go in the winter you get to see crazy things like this:
Lions spooning. Really. The one has her arm around the other one!  @clemetzoo #zoo #lion #happyincle
Lions spooning.  Seriously.  The one has her arm around the other one.
Apparently lions are just like house cats.  They might hate each other but when it gets cold out?  They'll cuddle for warmth no matter what.

Fish Hat!

The best part of this hat?  The dude loves it.  He points to his head and says HAT asking me to put it on.  And he says FISH when he sees it.  And he could not be more adorable in it:

Fish Hat!
Seriously this is my favorite picture ever.
Yay for kids in handknits!  Oh and if you want more hat details my Ravelry page on it is here.
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