January 19, 2013

The Dude in the Middle.

So!  Over the last week I have inadvertantly done a little feature post on 2 of my kids.  And somehow my poor Dude got left out.  Believe me it wasn't for lack of awesome:
IMG_9907 copy

So I thought I'd remedy that problem and give a little update on my little man.  He is in that incredibly amazing and oh so much fun sweet spot of toddlerhood.  Where everything is New! and Fun! And Interesting! 

Random dude smile. #kids
Building a snowman w our friends.
What is happening with this SNOW stuff?
He is growing up quickly.  Every day he gains more confidence in himself.  He's also rapidly approaching the two's but right now his tantrums are more oh-isn't-that-cute and less wondering-the-maximum-age-you-can-leave-your-kid-at-a-firestation.  Basically everything he does is insanely cute right now:

Get this jersey offa me I want to be a Browns fan! #heh #browns #steelers
And the words!  Every day there are new words. Today he learned ELEPHANT.  Although it's more ELF-ANT I'll take it.  He is so proud of his words.  And when he knows something he'll point it out over, and over again with such enthusiasm.  BIRDIE!  BIRDIE!!!  GROWL!  TRUCK! SHARK! MOON! THAT!

He doesn't quite put sentences together yet.  More like associates words.  HI DOT! BYE DADDY! MORE ME WAFFLE.  UP ME.  CAR VROOM!  I think my favorite sentence has to be SHOES CAR GO!  Which translates to "Lady get these shoes on me, get me out to the car, and let's GO!"

Slam dunk!!! #
He still loves the water and I'm certain that if it was warm the beach would most definitely be his jam.  But sadly it's winter so his only water entertainment is the BATH! We end up bathing the kids almost every night just because he loves it so much:

Getting the dog to drink bath water is the most fun thing ever.
But his favorite thing of all is CHOO-CHOO!  The dude is obsessed with trains.  And turning anything that he can into a train by lining up like items in row.  He does this with his cars, his sister's nailpolish, bowls from the kitchen, etc. etc.  But the best are his train sets:

Day 8: Something that starts w T:  A train. Obvs. Great for both ponies and dinosaurs! #siblings #happy #choochoo  #fmsphotoaday #latergram

Kid will play with his various trains for hours.

He also has quite the sense of humor.  He's constantly hamming it up for a laugh.  He'll balance his JUICE cup somewhere random and point it out to me like it's the funniest thing in the world. Or he'll put something on his head and claim it's a HAT before dissolving into a fit of laughter.  But the best was when he put a pacifier in front of the sleeping dog so it looked like she was using it.  Seriously hilarious gag.  And he was so proud of his joke!

Whatever I'm about to do with this GROWL is going to be hilarious.
He also recently discovered that tormenting his sister is incredibly amusing.  Ever wonder when that develops in siblings?  Yeah the answer is right around 21 months.  He'll take one of her toys and run with it held over his head laughing hilariously.  Or he'll chase her around acting like he's going to throw a ball at her.  I half-heartedly try to stop it... but it's kindof payback for her being the boss of him for so long.  Aaaah siblings.

He's still incredibly affectionate and snuggly.  If we're out somewhere he'll run over to me and give me a random hug and then go back to his play.  I love it.  And any time he sees Belle anywhere he calls her MOMMY.  I'm never correcting that.

He's my buddy.  My little man.  My dude.
IMG_0002 copy
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