February 13, 2013

Preschool Valentines in a Post Pintrest World.

So.  Valentines Day is tomorrow!  And it's our first one with a school aged kid.  Super fun.  Except that we live in a post-pintrest world now.  The simple box 'o cards from my childhood aren't going to cut it anymore.  At least if the things being sent home on each kid's birthday are any indication.  Super cute treat bags galore!  So I knew we needed to do something...

But!  I also am not going to do it for her.  I'm sorry but no.  The whole culture of parents doing amazing, crafty things for their kids is just not one I want to participate in.  It sortof feels like I would be doing my kid's homework for her.  However I am all about doing amazing, crafty things with my kid.  So I wanted to come up with something that she could do / help with that would also not be crappy compared with what the rest of the group was doing.

Also it needed to be cheap.  Because seriously, -yo.

I decided on chocolate covered pretzels. Cheap, easy, adorable, and possible for a 3 year old to master pretty quickly:

Valentines for preschool.

She helped me both dip the pretzels and cover them with sprinkles.

Valentines for preschool.
This one was less helpful and more DIP PLEASE DIP PLEASE YUM MMMMMM
 Yeah they aren't perfect.  But participation trumps perfection so we're going with it.

Valentines for preschool. Valentines for preschool.

Then she put them all in bags:

Valentines for preschool.

 And I tied ribbons on with basic supermarket Valentines:

Valentines for preschool.
Yes.  The ribbons on Valentines are blue.  I suggested red or pink but my child was not having any of that nonsense.  Her artistic vision was BLUE!
She wrote her name on some of them. But then got bored / frustrated and needed to be done with the project so I finished them up:
Valentines for preschool.
She's super proud of them and can't wait to give them to her class tomorrow! 

In other news we're ripping out our entire basement starting this week.  I... yeah.... it's... I don't even know.  It is nice to know that my AutoCAD skills aren't completely defunct:

Trying to make a full bath fit into my basement. Haven't done this in awhile. #architecture #autocad #architect
But I kindof forgot how much work organizing a project like this is.  We're doing it the same way we did our kitchen - hired someone to do most of the work while coordinating and General Contracting it ourselves, acquiring all of the materials ourselves, and even doing some of the work ourselves.  So... Yeah.  Next time we rip out walls I need to not be pregnant. I"m pretty sure I said that the last time....
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