March 7, 2013


So!  I've pretty much been MIA these days.  Which, if you follow me on twitter you know, is because we are in the middle of ripping out a good portion of our house.  Namely THE ENTIRE BASEMENT OMFG:
This was taken before we started demo but after we moved all of the furniture out.  Everything you see in this picture except for the stairs is gone.
And we're subcontracting all of it ourselves.  Which means lots of people to coordinate, lots of materials to acquire, lots of drawings and details to work out, lots of decisions to make, and so many people in out of our house it's ridiculous.  All with 2 small kids underfoot.
So... yeah.  It's been nuts.  It hasn't all been bad.. Some of it has actually been fun.  Like the trip my husband and I took to Ikea a couple of weekends ago:

Meatballs and lingonberries. Yes. #ikea #roadtrip #detroit
Mmmmm meatballs.
We went to the one in Detroit b/c it's almost the same distance as the Pittsburgh one but with 1% less sales tax.  Which, when buying all of the furniture, lighting, fixtures, etc. for an ENTIRE BASEMENT OMFG, is worth an extra 15 min in the car.

This is about half of the stuff we got.  There's another whole flatbed cart not pictured plus the sink, vanity, etc that we had to pick up from their service department.
It all fit!
Yeah we filled my dad's truck.  It took us 7 hours.

Great day for a road trip wo the kids! #toledo #bridge #roadtripSame bridge MANY hours later. #ikea #toledo #roadtrip #sotired
The same bridge in Toledo on the way there and then again on the way home.  I thought we'd be home in time to pick up the kids before bedtime.  HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAHA SOB.

The part that has been especially hard is that when you do a big renovation like this is the rest of the house becomes a dumping ground for all of the crap that is being staged.  For example that truck of Ikea?  Now lives in my dining room:
Time it took the kids to start using the giant pile of ikea for their personal jungle gym? Less than an hour. #ikea #kids #picstitch
It took the kids less than an hour to turn it into their own personal jungle gym.
We have an extra mattress and a pack 'n play in our bedroom, the kitchen is encased in plastic in the hopes to keep the dust out of the rest of our house, and I don't even want to talk about what's become of our garage.  Oh and with our house in this state of hoarder like dissarray?  I"m planning a birthday party AT OUR HOUSE for my kid:
Kids don't care about clutter, and boxes, and random misplaced furniture right?  RIGHT????

The other portion of our lives that is solidly in the During column.... I am now 26 weeks pregnant.

Insert picture here.  I don't have one because there is nowhere in my house to take a picture that wouldn't have boxes or a sink or who the fuck even knows anymore in the background.

I .... well.  I'm exhausted.  Ridiculously tired.  Beyond tired.  So when I'm not dealing with contractors I'm sleeping.  Or trying not to sleep and falling asleep anyways.

So yeah.  Pretty soon there will be awesome Before and After comparison pictures and shortly after that there's going to be a new baby (!).  But right now, the during of getting it all done, is pretty sucky.

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