March 28, 2013

Kid Updates and some Random.

So it feels weird to post about all that's going on in my life when so many families are having their rights questioned in court.  But I feel useless blogging about it when so many other people have said what I feel better than I ever could (go read this post.  I'll wait.)  So before I get to my nonsense I'll just let the Golden Girls explain how I feel:


So anyways I feel the need to talk about how all 3 of my kids (starting to get used to saying that) have been doing.  I might get a little braggy.  But considering how upset our lives have been lately I'm just super proud of these guys....

#1:  I went to my daughter's first ever teacher conference - my first teacher conference ever as a parent.  Kindof a big milestone!  Let's hope the rest of them from here on out go as well as this first one because she is doing great.  To sum up, and I quote, "she is a very smart girl and a great listener."  They do a kindergarten assessment test (she still has over a year before kindergarten actually starts) and she rocked it.  Knows the letters and numbers and shapes and such.  But I already knew that.  The things that are more important to me at this point are things like:

She follows complicated directions well.  She plays well with others.  She transitions well. She handles changes in routine well.  She is a good listener.  She is a smart kid with a real willingness to learn. 

I am SO proud of her!  And I'm thinking (hoping) that all of the above is a solid foundation for when school is more than just the alphabet and playing "stand up kitties" (I don't even know but she tells me it's her favorite game so...)

Crafts are also still her favorite game.
#2:  The dude got a haircut.  Yes.  I know that that is not nearly as exciting as a wonderful preschool report card BUT!  Look at how grown up he looks:

Yup.  The bait and switch happened.  Somehow the baby dude has been replaced by this KID.  With sentences!  And logic!  And opinions!  And such a sense of humor.  He tells jokes now.  Seriously.  For example today we were leaving the family room so I asked him "Ready to go get your sister?"  He usually responds by saying goodbye to all of the toys "BYE CAR! BYE CHOO CHOO!  BYE GROWL!"  Which, adorable.  But today he got a gleam in his eye, gave me a big smile, and said "BATH TIME!" Then dissolved into a fit of giggles.  Because obvs it is not BATH TIME so saying it is is hilarity.  I'm thinking this sense of humor will serve him well as a middle child...


#3:  I had my 29 week (!) doctor appointment yesterday and all is well.  I passed the dreaded Glucose Test without being thrown into a Migraine of Doom.  Which means all of the scary tests are done with.  At this point the baby just needs to grow.  The only thing left to worry about is labor.  Which the doctor has warned me repeatedly will go alarmingly fast.  But we live 10 min from the hospital so.... yeah still pretty scared about that factor.

Since I didn't have another picture of #3 here's one of the other two dancing at the Slovenian Fish Fry:

Siblings dancing together to a polka band at the Slovenian Fish Fry.
It was funtimes but I'm glad we got out of there before the random lady took off her shirt and threw her bra at the polka band.  Uh huh.  Then she proceeded to dance around wearing nothing but a scarf as a shirt.  Yeah.  That happened.  I.... There are no words.  But my friend took a video!  You're welecome.
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