March 20, 2013

The Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips. #AGiantSurprise

So we are a potato chip household.  Really a chip household in general.  Some families crave sweets and have them on hand... we crave salt.  It's kindof ridiculous.  My husband's favorite snack is a new bag of chips and a bowl of cottage cheese to dip them in (I don't even know.)  The obvious problem with this situation being that chips are not the healthiest of options.  And with two kids we really try to set good examples, give them good choices, keep the junk food to a minimum.  So I usually employ a "every other shopping trip" rule with the chips and we don't always eat them in front of the kids.  That is until now.

Pictured.  A still life with vegetables and fruit.  Seriously.
The Green Giant has introduced a new line of Veggie Snack Chips.  And they are delicious.  But more than that they are a much healthier option for my chip-obsessed family. They are made out of vegetables and whole grains and contain a lot less fat than a regular old potato chip.  An option I can feel decent about letting my kids eat.  Or should I say devour:

My kids very much enjoying the Green Giant Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips! #spon #AGiantSurprise

Seriously they loved them:

The girl was curious... the dude was all MORE CHIPS BOWL.
The chips on his little toddler belly!

They especially liked the Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips.

The dog approves.
If you are interested in trying these new snacks out for yourself visit the Green Giant Facebook Page for a coupon!  Also to celebrate this hidden veggie talent Green Giant fans are uploading videos of their own hidden talents here.  (My hidden talent is that I can drive while eating a burrito.  Something the world does not need a video of.)  You can also find even more of the Giant's favorite surprise talents at the Green Giant YouTube channel.

Yay for healthier snack options!

Thank you to The Green Giant™ for being a sponsor. Show the Giant your surprise talent at
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