May 24, 2013

The view fromt the top of the hill.

So I"m 37 and a half weeks pregnant and I spent a good chunk of Tuesday in Labor (it stopped before I progressed far enough to actually have a baby, obviously.  But progress was made!  And according to my doctor it will be "days not weeks").

You know when you get on a roller coaster and you're all  WHOOO HOO!  THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!  And then you start clicking up that hill and you get more and more nervous because this is a lot higher than it seemed from the ground, and wow we're still going up, and how can we still be going up?  Then you get to the top and that first car goes over and you have a moment of sheer panic because like it or not you're going over and AAAAAAAAH.

Yeah.  That.

But!  As panic-y as I am about all of it I am finally starting to feel like we are ready.  There's a ton of logistical nonsense to do still - the carseat isn't installed, the bottles aren't washed, the baby's room is a pile of mess, and our baby swing is broken (anyone have any recommendations for a super cheap one?  or better yet have one we could borrow for a couple of months?).  But!  More important than any of that these two are READY:
Enjoying their new playhouse!  #outside

And that is calming me down considerably.  These guys have stepped up and grown up so much in the last few weeks.  It's been pretty amazing to watch.

Got out of the shower this morning to my kids happily watching a movie. They were both asleep when I got in the shower and Matt's already at work. #independent #whoneedsparents
Happily watching a movie together.  I found them like this when I got out of the shower the other day.  When I got into the shower they were both asleep and Matt had already left for work.  Who needs parents!
Things with them have gotten.... well... I don't want to say easy.  Because that's certainly not right.  And I'm not naive enough to think that any phase of parenting is any easier than any other.  But I have to say that not having to meet every single base need of every single person in this house has been kindof amazing.  Even just simple things like the dude climbing up into his own car seat have made a huge difference in my day to day life.  

Just in time to do it all again!

Haaaaa facedesk. 

But I know that the reason that they have stepped up is because we are about to do it all over again.  We've pushed them in that direction knowing what's coming.  We've encouraged independence every step of the way and we've set up our house so that they have many play happily together options:

The lilac bush and their playhouse. Yay for not having to plant anything there this year!  #lazygarden #mulchthecrapoutofit
New playhouse in the backyard.  Also look how nice our lilacs looked this year!

This sounds crazy but my real "It's all going to be ok" moment came while running errands this week.  The thought of dealing with even mundane tasks with THREE OF THEM OMFG is daunting.  Especially when I'm used to having some preschool time making it possible to grocery shop etc with only one kid.
Last day of school. Much sadness ensues. #summer #preschool
Last day of preschool.  Great sadness ensues.
And it was fine.  Better than fine. To the point where their behavior was complimented at the BMV - somewhere that I think it's technically impossible for even adults to behave like human beings.

So, yes.  The logistics of 3 will be tricky.  It will be hard to get out the door.  It will be hard to physically manage all of it.  It's not going to be easy.  But the bottom line is that these are good kids.  They aren't going to stop being good kids just because there are more of them.

The Hooley 2013!  #westpark #happyincle #kammscorners #thehooley

 This hill is crazy high.  Bring it on.
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