July 16, 2013

A Month of Baby Steps.

So on Saturday littlest guy was 1 month old:

One month old!!!! #itgoessofast #newborn #mrvictor
And the past month has been... well... it's been alot.  I don't even know where to start.  My motto for surviving this newborn time has become "Baby Steps."  Baby steps towards figuring this 3 kids thing out.

Happy Independence Day!!!!  Also three happy kids in matching outfits! #4thfuntimes #fourthofjuly
Three kids in matching outfits for the fourth of July.  I have better photos of this with my "real" camera but haven't had a chance to edit/upload them yet.  So the instagram version will have to do for now... baby steps.

Baby steps back to the up and go lifestyle we used to have (or even getting out the door at all).

Chillin in the hot sling while his siblings play at the park.
Tree climbing!  #summer #outside #latergram

Baby steps towards holding a thought in my head that isn't when the baby ate last or what the kids will need next.

Angry baby burrito. I'm thinking he's not going to be rocking the swaddle for too much longer... #newborn #babyhaze #babyburrito #swaddle
Angry baby burrito.  We don't mess with swaddling him anymore which is a bit sad.  I love me a baby burrito.

Baby steps towards being able to do more than just maintain.

Chilling with his pooch. #dog #newborn #babyhaze #love #hound
The dog could not care less about the baby.  She sniffed him once and was all "Right.  One of these.  Call me when he gets into a high chair."
Baby steps towards restoring some kindof of normalcy to our household.

Good morning from my wide awake little guy!  #newborn #wakingup #love
Creepy-eyed kitty photobomb!
Baby steps to some kind of routine that includes sleep.  And naps.
Sleeping baby is SERIOUS. #newborn #babyhaze

Baby steps to being creative again.

My Flaming Desire sock that I picked up again after a looooooong hiatus.  A round or two of complicated lace is perfect for those days when I really need a WIN.
Baby steps towards feeling like a human being and not just a sleep deprived milk-machine.

Me and @scarymommy . Had a great time at her book signing!
Meeting Jill Smolker aka Scary Mommy at her book signing.
Baby steps into blogging again.

He just had a little bath and now SMELLS LIKE WONDERFUL. #newborn #babyhaze #LOVE

So instead of trying to flesh out one of the many blog posts I've started in the last month I thought I'd just get something, anything up in this space.  Even if it's just a bunch of regurgitated instagram and random photos that were on my phone.


Baby steps, right?

Hi. #newborn #babyhaze #love
I will be back.  Just give me time.  Until then you can follow my nonsense on twitter - I'm pretty active there all things considered...
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