August 27, 2013

Fighting with Celebrities Covered in Sand.

So yesterday I was invited to the Bethenny Calling all my Girls event - a cocktail party at MOCA to promote her new talk show that premiers on September 9.  And I got into a fight with her:

bethenny calling all my girls event in Cleveland
wait.  what?
But first let me rewind.  Yesterday morning I did something that I've been hesitant to do all summer.  I took all THREE kids to the beach BY MYSELF:

Three kids at the beach with one parent. WHAT UP. #babysteps #beach #endofsummerfun
Yes.  Three kids.  One parent.  At a place with water and therefore the need for constant supervision and watching and high-level parenting.  With THREE of them.  And I did it.  And it was awesome:

Jumping off a log on the beach = SO MUCH FUN!!! #beach #latergram #summerinCLE
Jumping off a log into the water?  UBERFUNTIMES.

We met some friends there for one last hurrah before everyone starts school.  So glad I did even if I was nervous.  It was tough but not impossible.  Baby steps to normalcy after three kids, right?

Anyways!  Once we got home I managed to get the two older kids hosed off and down for naps but my little guy was not buying it:

Which meant that was going to have no time to clean up for the fancy affair that evening.  And I was covered in sand.

bethenny calling all my girls event in Cleveland
Hair done, makeup on, sand... brushed off.  Besides Eau du Sunscreen and Lake is appropriate for a fancy event, right?

I tweeted my quest for an unsupervised shower using the #callingallmygirls hashtag to promote the event.  Which was perhaps not the best of plans because at the event there was a giant social media board  showing everything with that hashtag.  Which meant that my "please let me shower" nonsense was broadcast for an entire room fabulous and AHEM showered women:
bethenny calling all my girls event in Cleveland
obviously I wanted everyone in the room to know that I probably have sand in my hair.  At least I didn't have spitup on me!  Sigh.

The event itself was great.  Good drinks:

YES. #callingallmygirls

Good food:

A fancy Jell-O shot is still a Jell-O shot (read: delicious and probably a bad idea but  YUM) #callingallmygirls #latergram
Jello shots count as food, right?
And great host:

"Don't underestimate Cleveland" - @bethenny #callingallmygirls #bethenny

Who I got into a fight with.

See a girl in the audience asked Bethenny something along the lines of "how do I get my boyfriend to propose"  It went a little like this:

"How old are you?"
"Haaaaa!!!!!  You're WAY to young! You'll look back on guys you dated when 23 like clothes that are out of fashion.  Right ladies!  Does anyone disagree with me?"


Yeah.  I disagree with that statement SO HARD.  I was 24 when I got married.  I was 23 when I got engaged.  20 when I started dating my husband.  And we were absolutely without question old enough to know what we wanted out of life:

This.  This is exactly it.
And old enough to know WHO we wanted to spend life with.  We were graduating with masters degrees ready to conquer the world.  And we wanted to do it together.  Isn't wanting to start life together exactly the reason someone should get married?

October 9, 2004
Pictured.  NOT TOO YOUNG.  Also:  HOLY CRAP WE LOOK SO YOUNG! 9 years and 3 kids will age you...
We went back and forth a few times and there was a camera and a microphone in my face and I may have busted out the angry jazz hands.  So there's a good chance I'll be on tv unshowered and sandy 2 months postpartum in a cocktail dress and a nursing bra arguing with a celebrity.  Cross that off my bucket list.

bethenny calling all my girls event in Cleveland

After the event some other Cleveland Bloggers were headed to L'Albatros for cheese.  You don't say no to cheese:

That is all cheese. YES.
seriously.  that is all cheese.  YES PLEASE.
I had a great time chatting with Michelle, Katrina, Crystal, and Julie.  I don't often get to hang out with other bloggers so it's nice to be around some like-minded people.  Meaning we all took lots of pictures of the delicious, delicious cheese.  Although I do not have a picture of the group of us - I think that's on Julie's camera?  I'll have to add it in once she posts it. Until then:

bethenny calling all my girls event in Cleveland
the most photographed cheese plate in Cleveland
Overall it was a super fun night out and I had a great time.  I wish Bethenny all the success in the world with her new talk show.  I know I'll be tuning in!

Disclaimer:  I was invited to this event as a local blogger.  All opinions and angry jazz hands are my own.
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