August 29, 2013

My Kia, My Life Stage.

So.  The last time we were car shopping we only had two kids.  So we figured as long as we picked a vehicle that had room for 3 car seats we'd be good if we ever wanted to expand our family.


See the thing we forgot about?  Was All. The. Gear.  And never was this more apparent than on our very first road trip as a family of 5.

Geneva Ohio

Geneva Ohio
It was an hour away for 2 nights - not an epic adventure.  But with three kids that means there are now 5 people in our family - the suitcases pile up quickly.  Plus it's an inversely proportional relationship. The smaller the kid?  The more stuff required:

Geneva Ohio
baby in only one of the many pieces of equipment needed to travel with kids
Although the oldest kid  (and therefore in theory the one that requires the least nonsense) isn't exactly blameless:

Geneva Ohio
She insisted on packing herself.  Which means that she brought with her 3 fancy dresses, 4 pairs of sparkly shoes, a pile of skirts, my robe and slippers, and a herd of stuffed animals.  Obviously.
5 people is a lot to travel with in general.  But when 3 of those are small children?  You might as well just bring the whole darn house.

Geneva Ohio
This is only some of my children.
Bottom line?  We've officially entered the next stage of this parenting thing.

Geneva Ohio


Geneva Ohio
I love this picture so much.


I love me a minivan.   And right now the top of my list is the Kia Sedona.
Image source.
 Comfortable seating for all of us!  Sliding doors!  Tons of storage for our nonsense!  I SWOON.
Image Source.

And the top trim package has adjustable pedals.  A feature that as a short person is my absolute favorite thing ever put in a car.  Plus with the removable captains chairs and a rear bench that folds flat with the floor we'll never have to borrow my dad's truck again.
Image Source.

Mommy like.

But I have to say - as big of a minivan fan as I am the Kia Sorento is tempting...
Image Source.

A crossover could be super fun, too! Decisions, decisions... but luckily Kia offers some great options for a growing family (and all of their gear.)

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