September 5, 2013

Balls in the air.

So!  That was a whole lot of sponsored business before disappearing for a week.  I'm sorry about that.  Not my hope for this blog.  It seems that in the juggling act that is my life right now I can't quite keep ALL of the balls in the air yet.  One goes up (blog) and some others come crashing down (knitting, housework, etc.).  Then the next week I flip them.  BUT!  At least there are balls in the air other than just KEEP ALL THE MANY CHILDREN ALIVE OMFG.  Baby steps, right?

So instead of a real, nicely themed post how about some random?

Three kids on a crazy ornate bench in a Mexican Restaurant.  RANDOM.
1.)  The kids have been watching (read: obsessed with) Jake and the Neverland Pirates lately.  So Pirate themed play is big right now - treasure! maps! swords! throwing sand at each other and claiming it's pixie dust! digging holes in the back yard!  Anyways the dude opened up my jewelry box and goes WOOOOW.  TREASURE!  NO PIRATES GET IT.  NO.  MINE HERE.  NO PIRATES GET MOMMY TREASURE.

And I was all wait... are you trying to say that the pirates won't get my treasure because you're going to protect it for me?


This btw is why it's awesome to be a mom to a boy.  The first time my daughter found my jewelry box she asked me how long until she would get everything.  Yeah.

This pic is SO summer! #sweetcorn #endofsummerfun

2.)  The dude is now potty trained.  Which.  Not going to blog about b/c NO.  However I will say this:  The whole "boys are so much harder than girls" thing is BULLSHIT.  I don't know if that's a lie boy moms told to make themselves feel superior but yeah... not the truth at all.  I think this - as for ANYTHING - in parenting depends on the kid.  I will say, though, potty training a boy I learned... some.... new things.  Like the importance of aim.

The dude is now rocking chucks. His coolness is complete.  #chucks #thedude
between no longer wearing a diaper and his new chucks The Dude's coolness is complete
3.)  I was chatting w my daughter about the wedding we're going to this weekend I told her that Aunt Lori Beth would be there. Her response:

"Yay yay yay!!!! Wait a minute. Is she going to be in our posse?"
"Wait what?"
"You know, mommy, a posse. The people who roll with us?"

I told her that LB would most definitely be in our posse.

wondering if our whole posse will have to wear flowers on our noses?
4.)  So the dude and I have this thing where when I'm tucking him in at night he puts his hand over my mouth and I kiss it.  Well lately he's been rubbing his hands together after I kiss them.  Just a bit of toddler crazy, right?  Well then last night I didn't kiss his hand.  I was in a hurry and it was a step and I had laundry to fold and... yeah.  So he's all KISS MINE HAND MOMMY.  KISS IT.  Freaking out and getting all upset and throwing a temper tantrum.  So I take a deep breath, collect all of the patience I have left for the day, and go back in to kiss his hand.  He rubs his hands together and says this:


I... wow.  See he's hit the two's lately.  Hard.  In the face.  But moments like this make me realize that two can be pretty damn awesome if you let it be.
081813 114

5.)  The little guy discovered both his hands and his feet.  Obviously this is the most fun ever:

I have a picture of him using his hands but this one has BABYSMILESOMFG.
Also he's starting to lose that newborn look even while sleeping.  I'm not sure my heart is ready for that yet:
Milk. Coma.  #baby
Milk. Coma.

6.)  I went to target this morning and I swear everyone there was pregnant.  All I could think was HAAHAAHAAAA!!! SUCKERS!  Obviously I am responding to not being pregnant anymore with both grace and dignity.

7.) Anyone have any idea how to make a My Little Pony Halloween costume?  Specifically Twilight Sparkle?  Because I got nothing...

Behold my pony hairstyling abilities. (yes my daughter made me instagram this) #mlp #girlmom
Nothing except mad pony hairstyling skilz.
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