September 24, 2013

Ingenuity Cleveland and Boogie Boards.

So last Sat. night we packed up all the kids headed down to Cleveland's Lakefront for  Ingenuity Cleveland.

My family loved @Ingenuityfest !  #ingenuityfest #happyincle #cleveland
Three kids, two parents, no stroller.  What up.
 Which was so neat.  I've never actually been to it before.  I'm really glad we finally made it this year.  It's the type of event where you just never know what you're going to find:
More @Ingenuityfest fun. Kids LOVED it!  Highlights were the @boogie_board booth and @DonutLabCLE #ingenuityfest #happyincle

Art! Music! Food!  Innovation!  = Lots of awesome.
Ingenuity Fest
Ingenuity Fest

Ingenuity Fest

The food trucks were out in force but we only tried Donut Lab Cleveland.  Which the kids were fascinated by:

Ingenuity Fest
Machine making mini donuts.  YUM.
Other highlights included the thing that was set up where you press a button and make a giant fire burst:
Ingenuity Fest
And the Boogie Board booth:

Ingenuity Fest
My kids were SO into it.  Especially my daughter... and my husband. (they are more and more alike as she grows up.  It's crazy)  To the point where the woman running the booth told us this "I only have a few of these to give away but it seems like your kids would really appreciate them"  Um.. YES!  So she gave us 2!  Amazing.  And I love moments like that where they learn that being good is rewarded.  Very, very cool. 

The Boogie Board is an LCD tablet that is meant to replace paper.  You can write notes, lists, drawings, whatever on it.  It doesn't take any batteries and is super smooth to write on. LOVE.

Seriously.  We've all been playing with them constantly since we got them Sat night.  Super cool idea, and perfect for kids.  I'm thinking something like this would be wonderful for a long road trip.  And alot easier to pack than the art bin I usually lug along!  The version we have is basically just a notepad.  But the version coming out this Christmas (available for preorder on Amazon) can sync with the ever note app.  WANT.  So many possibilities for paperless organization of life! 

Anyways!  Sorry for that ad interlude.  Just wanted to throw a shoutout to a cool Northern Ohio company / product.

On the other side of that spectrum the Cleveland Monorail oops I mean Skylift also had a booth:

Ingenuity Fest
Monorail, Monorail, MONORAIL!
I... don't get it.  Maybe I'm just too pragmatic and not visionary enough.  But wow does it seem like a waste of resources.  I don't see people commuting via skylift.  And I don't see a skylift being a big enough attraction to draw in a booming tourist trade on it's own.  I do however see our city being vastly enhanced by improving and expanding our already existing transportation system.  For example - adding a Rapid line through the already existing rail infrastructure in Lakewood.  Wouldn't that be amazing?  Maybe not as sexy as a monorail/skylift but something to think about... 

Although I am happy to see crazy ambitious ideas being discussed for our city no matter what they are.  Go big, right?  Because we live in a really awesome city.
Ingenuity Fest

With pretty boats.

Ingenuity Fest
Anyways!  Ingenuity is a great festival.  I was nervous about bringing the kids - the walking, the crowd, the later at night factor.  But all of it was fine.  Yay for Cleveland innovation!
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