October 14, 2013

Grilled Apples.

So!  This weekend we took the kids Apple Picking at Patterson Fruit Farm:
Double fisted at Patterson's Apple Orchard. #apple #orchard #fall #fallinCLE #happyinCLE #apples
Double Fisted.
We've never been there before but will most definitely be going again.  The kids had a ball:

Slides in the woods!  Tractors! Facepainting!
It was basically the perfect fall day for outdoor activities:

Apple Picking
Apple Picking
But!  Now we have a ridiculous amount of apples.  We wanted to bring home some of all of the ones we tried and that added up quick.

Apple Picking
Like 15lbs quick.  I.... yeah.  I have no defense.  They wanted to eat something healthy and local!  You say yes to that and figure out the rest later.  But we aren't really huge fans of applesauce so it's not like I can cook the whole mess and freeze them.

Instead we're getting creative and doing things like this:

Grilled Apples. THIS IS HAPPENING. #yum #freshforkmarket #apples #grill
Can we grill apples?  Well..... let's see!
And it was amazing.  

So how about a recipe?

Grilled Apples

I feel silly even calling this one a recipe it was so simple.  Basically slice, soak, grill, season.  BOOM.  Delicious.  But I'm not one for brevity so:

 Apples.  Any kind.  I used 4.
 Lemon Juice (if you don't have this don't even worry about it.  It just keeps the apples from getting all brown)
 Brown Sugar

Slice up your apples.  Core them but leave the skins on. I used my fancy schmancy peeler/corer thing because I was itching to show off my mad apple spiral making skillz to my kids.  Blew their minds.  Honestly just big hunks of apple would be fine, though.

Grilled Apples
Then let your apples soak in cold water with a splash of lemon juice for awhile.  Like while the grill gets hot.  So 10-15 min or so?

Grilled Apples

Then throw those bad boys on the grill:

Grilled Apples
Let them cook for awhile. MEANWHILE.  Make up a mixture of half brown sugar, half cinnamon.  I used about 1.5 tablespoons of each for 4 apples but you can adjust per your taste.  I also think these would be good with a dash of nutmeg.

Then flip your apples:

Let them cook until done.  Around 10 min or so?  They're apples.  If they are undercooked you won't catch some terrible disease so it doesn't really matter.  We let them cook until they started to get soft but they could have gone longer.  As soon as they get off the grill sprinkle your cinnamon/sugar mix on top.  I took a few rings off the grill, sprinkled, took a few off, sprinkled, and so on so that every layer was covered.  The key here is to do this when the apples are still VERY hot.  That way the brown sugar kindof melts and caramelizes a bit.

By sprinkle I mean slather.
Then cover the whole plate for a little while so that everything comes together.  We let our apples sit while we ate the rest of our dinner:

Grilled Apples
Brats, peppers, and the last sweet corn of the season.  Just in case you were curious.
That's it!  They are delicious on their own but I took it to the next level and dumped the warm apples on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  YUM.

Apple Picking
Yay for fall!

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