October 25, 2013

I blame pintrest.

So I blame pintrest for the following nonsense:

1.)  The t-shirt scarves.  You guys I made another one.  It was even easier than the last one:

Another day another crazy simple scarf. I'm finding cutting up my old maternity shirts to be very therapeutic. #scarf #upcycle #tshirt #tshirtscarf #sew #sewing
I used a maternity shirt that was one of the very first maternity things I bought back when I was newly pregnant with my daughter:

tshirt to ruffle scarf
yeah it was a long time ago.
There's tons of tutorials out there - I especially liked this one by simply bloom - but the bottom line is this:

I sewed the pieces together instead of gluing b/c I'm not quite down the pintrest rabbit hole far enough to bust out the glue gun.  I'm afraid once I do that I"ll black out and wake up 3 days later in a haze of chevrons and burlap muttering to myself about wasi tape.


2.)  Doing this to my nails:

Half moon manicure.  The purple is A Grape Catch from @alllacqueredup 's Fingerpaints collection. The silver is Fingerpaints A Key to my Art. Super simple to do and I'm basically in love with this purple!  #fingerpaints #nails #halfmoonmani #nailart
Yeah.  In my defense the polish (A Grape Catch from Fingerpaints) was designed by a local blogger - Michelle from All Lacquered Up.  I think a blogger getting their own nail polish line is about the coolest thing ever so I had to do something really neat with it.  Although just to have them painted at all right now is a feat of time management insanity so this is probably the last time I do something that labor intensive.  But pretty!

3.)  My dining room table currently looks like this:

You guys.  I CAN'T EVEN.  Back in Sept. I promised the girl I would make her Twilight Sparkle for Halloween.  I found a great tutorial online, bought the fabric, and was all yay for homemade costumes!  This will be fun!  Whoo hoo!
Yeah.  Halloween is less than a week from today.  Bottom line is I'm in over my head.  WAY over my head. Because I am an idiot.  Did I somehow forget the Maleficent Debacle?  And the subsequent Wine?  Or the Tinkerbell replacement costume?  Seriously I should have learned my lesson:

Homemade costumes lead to drinking. 



The Maleficent costume has been getting alot of play in the dress up box lately.


So... maybe this will be worth it?  Twilight sparkle is skeptical.
As am I.

She is going to lose her mind when I show her this tomorrow. #unicorn #twilightsparkle #mlp #mylittlepony #halloween
 Stay tuned.  It's going to get interesting.  Pass the wine.
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