October 15, 2013

Two T-Shirt Infinity Scarf.

So.  Have you ever had a treadmill day?  Where you run and run and run and are in exactly the same place that you started?  Where you've been moving, working, cleaning all day AND YET the house is a mess, the laundry is unfolded, there's nothing to eat, and the kids are wild people?

So many patterns! #fashion #kids
Yeah.  I mean let's face it.  A whole lot of my life is doing things that are going to be immediately undone.  Clean clothes on the baby?  Spit up 5 minutes later.  Kids fed?  Need a snack as soon as the dishes are done.  Laundry?  I CAN'T EVEN.

My face after having to change his pj's for the FOURTH time. Since 7:30.
My face after having to change his PJ's for the FOURTH time.  In an hour.

Every once in awhile I snap and NEED to see something finished.  Accomplished.  Done.  So that I can look at the day and say THAT.  I did THAT.  It's not much but it exists!

Last week I had one of those moments when I went to change out of a spit up on shirt only to find that my fav grey t-shirt - the one that had been worn to the perfect level of softness and always fit no matter what stage of pregnancy/postpartum/nursing madness I was in - had a stain on it.

2 T-shirt Infinity Scarf
Much sadness ensued.  And then rage.  Because SERIOUSLY.  So I tweeted the following:
I have a HUGE stain on my fav gray tshirt. So I''m going to turn that sucker into a scarf. Thanks pintrest!
And then less than an hour later Instagrammed this:

BOOM. Scarf. Quickest project ever and wow did I need a win today. #upcycle #scarf #tshirt #sewing #sew #hipster
Boom.  Scarf.
Super simple, super quick, accomplished in between dealing with kid issues, and a completely needed WIN.
Two tshirt infinity scarf
Here's the rundown.  I cut the arms off.

2 T-shirt Infinity Scarf
2 T-shirt Infinity Scarf
Boom, scarf!  Wait.
But the kids weren't currently destroying anything and I had a bag of maternity shirts ready to go to goodwill next to my sewing table so... I cut the arms off another shirt:

2 T-shirt Infinity Scarf
Cut the hems off and then cut them to the same width - 10 inches seemed like a good amount.

2 T-shirt Infinity Scarf
Cut the side seams off so that they were four pieces of fabric:

2 T-shirt Infinity Scarf
And then sewed the four pieces together, alternating colors.  I used a zig zag stitch because it was a stretchy knit and got super fancy using pink thread on one side and grey on the other.

2 T-shirt Infinity Scarf
Look I can sew a straight line!  kindof.
Cut the seams close to the zig zag and stretched the whole thing out a bit.... that's it.  BOOM. SCARF!

2 T-shirt Infinity Scarf
I apologize for the terrible quality of the pictures in this post.  Photographing it all with the real camera and good lighting and doing my hair would have taken longer than making the scarf and that just seemed silly.
And then I fell down a pintrest rabbithole of tshirt to scarf redos.  So. Many. Options!  So many maternity shirts to destroy!  I think this might be my new favorite instant gratification project.
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