November 19, 2013

Apple Raspberry Sauce & Bacon Sage Porkroast.

So last weekend we owned Fall.

Leaf Jumping 2013
Pictured.  Fall.
 Seriously.  I"m pretty sure it snowed because we owned fall so hard it took it's ball and went home.  I started the day by making pumpkin bread from My Baking Addiction's Recipe.  Then we played in the leaves with the kids who were wearing beautiful handknits (which you can see a million pictures of here).  And while that was happening I made a huge batch of Apple Raspberry Sauce to freeze.  Which meant our entire house smelled like apples and cinnamon all day.

Sometimes when I'm a frazzled mess a few min by the lake makes things a lot better. #lakeerie #sniw #greatlake
Fall on Lake Erie b/c applesauce is not very photogenic.
Then I finished off the knitting portion my Tomtem sweater:

The knitting is done!  Still need to seam, block, and add a zipper but the knitting is done! #knit #knitting #tomtem #garterstitch

Which is going to be so, so adorable on this little guy:

Apple Raspberry Sauce

It's blocking now while I figure out how to seam garter stitch.

Seaming this was going TERRIBLY. until I remembered the whole block BEFORE seaming thing... #doh #knit #knitting #tomtem #garterstitch
Then I made bacon and sage pork roast to go with the apple sauce.  Which was holyshit good.  So I figured I'd share some recipes.  You know... in case anyone else wants to make fall their bitch.

Crockpot Apple Raspberry Sauce

Apple Raspberry Sauce

12ish apples.  A crockpot full once they are peeled, cored, and sliced.
12 oz of raspberries (2 - 6oz containers)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1.5 tablespoons of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
3/4 cup water

So you put fill the crockpot with apples:

Apple Raspberry Sauce

add in the Raspberries:

Apple Raspberry Sauce

And then the spices:

Apple Raspberry Sauce

Mix together:

Apple Raspberry Sauce

And cook on low for 6ish hours. I took the lid off for the last hour b/c it seemed a bit runny.  But that's a personal preference thing.  Also I like my applesauce chunky so I just mashed it all up with a fork when it was done.  If you like a more smooth sauce you could throw the whole thing in the blender but that seemed like a lot of work:

Apple Raspberry Sauce
Yum.  But not photogenic at all.
It made enough to eat for dinner and then freeze 2 big containers for future meals.  Yay!

Bacon and Sage Pork Roast.

Apple Raspberry Sauce

This is one of those looks crazy hard/impressive but is really super easy meals that is perfect for holiday entertaining.  Also it's super delicious - I mean seriously, It's wrapped in bacon.

Pork Roast (this one was around 2lbs)
1lb of thick cut bacon
Salt and Pepper
Fresh Sage
Fresh Thyme

So this recipe is stupid easy. Season your pork roast on all sides with salt and pepper. Then lay out overlapping strips of bacon on a plate.  Throw on some fresh thyme and sage:

There's thyme and sage underneath the roast, too.
And wrap that bad boy up:

I added pieces of bacon on top lengthwise b/c I had a few more in the package and I didn't see the point in saving 3 strips of bacon.  Also it looks really pretty that way.  Then you bake the whole thing on a baking rack (so it's up off of its juices.  you can ghetto one with a cookie cooling rack on top of a baking sheet), at 350 degrees for about an hour.  Cooking time depends on the size of your roast.  Check the package it came in for specific times.  I used a meat thermometer to make sure the internal temp hit 145.  Let the whole thing rest a few min after you take it out of the oven before you slice it up.  DELICIOUS!

Yay Fall!

As a footnote:  I started this post last week after our wonderful fall weekend.  Then I never finished it b/c all of us came down with colds.  Our entire family was miserable.  We're starting to come out of it now but so much for claiming we owned fall.  Seems like fall actually won this round.  Boo.

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