November 13, 2013

Kids in Handknits Jumping in Leaves.

So.  Wow.  You guys.  I am a frazzled mess lately.  This 2yo/baby combo package is tough - yo.

First food!  He seemed to like it!  #food #5months #happybaby
He eats food now.  It's super cute but it's one more gross thing that I have to do every. single. day.
Big Sister Photobomb!
But!  It's impossible to be anything but in a good mood when looking at pictures of kids jumping in leaves:

Leaf Jumping 2013

Seriously. Pictured, pure joy and happiness:
Leaf Jumping 2013

Leaf Jumping 2013

 Especially if those kids are rocking some handknits:

Leaf Jumping 2013

The Girl is wearing her Black Leeow Kitty Hat that I knit her two winters ago.  She's also wearing her Wonderful Wallaby Sweater that my mom knit for her.  I've heard it's a fantastic pattern - she's made one for both of the big kids.

Leaf Jumping 2013-

The Dude is wearing his Red Fish Blue Fish hat that I made him last year.  He's since decided that it is too small for him.  Sadness ensues.  His sweater is a Drive-Thru:

Leaf Jumping 2013

I made it for his sister when she was little. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of her in it which is so, SO sad.  Her orange hair with the orange in the sweater was ridic.  BUT!  I do have one with her in another Drive-Thru:

Drive Thru
Pic from Oct 2010.  It fits her much better now.

 love the Drive-Thru pattern.  It's my standard go to for kids sweaters.  And there's nothing like a solid, wool, sweater for winter.  My daughter wore the orange-striped one for 2 years and now the dude is on his second winter with it.  Totally worth the knitting investment!

Leaf Jumping 2013
Um... a little help here?
And with that I'll leave you with this:

Yay fall!
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