November 27, 2013

Weekend of Parties Recap.

So!  It's Thanksgiving Eve!  I spent most of the day hanging out with a good friend who's in town, the kids got to play in the snow, I have pumpkin muffins cooling on my counter, and the filling for tomorrow's pumpkin pie is chillaxing in the 'fridge.*  Life is good.

Someone wakes up a whole lot happier when I don't snatch them out of bed for preschool drop off. #babysmiles #latergram
I got to take a morning nap like a real baby!  I didn't have to get dragged anywhere for my siblings!  BEST DAY EVER!
How about a weekend recap?

Friday night I went to the Tidal Cool Creations Spa Day.

It was in this awesome artist space:


I had a really nice time hanging out with other Cleveland bloggers learning about all sorts of fun products:

cupcake shots.  seriously.
Then when I got home I had just enough time to throw some food at the kids before my girlfriends came over for a girls night.  The guys were playing poker so the ladies gathered at my place.  No babysitting required.  It worked out really well - kids watched a movie** while we chatted and drank wine.

Also this happened?  I don't even know.
I had to take a brief hiatus from funtimes to put the kids to bed but that was no big deal.  Will definitely have to do it again!

Saturday was a day of recovery and woe.  Bright lights were my sworn enemy.  So of course I had to take my daughter to a 5 year old's birthday party.  At a pool.  Parenting through a hangover at a kids party Achievement Unlocked!  WOE.

At her preschool Thanksgiving feast. #latergram #thegirl #thanksgiving
At her preschool Thanksgiving party.  Not the pool party that was so very loud and bright.
I got home from that and had just enough time to shower the chlorine off of me before heading to a games night for my sister in law's 30th birthday.

DQ Ice cream cake.  Not just for kid's parties anymore.
We had a ball.

Andy's bar is open.
Andy's bar is open.
What you don't play CLUE as an adult?  You should b/c it's awesome.

Taboo.  A game I have never seen a team of guys win.
It wasn't even close.
 Then Sunday was spent in the best way possible to spend a Sunday:

Football naps.  #gobrowns #sunday

Football naps.  Although a player substitution was required:

Player substitution. #football #sunday

And meanwhile on the other side of the couch:

Meanwhile on the other side of the couch...
The only thing that would have made it better was if the Browns had showed up.  Meh.  There's always next year, right?


*My great-grandfather was a pastry chef and according to him (via my mom) the key to really good pumpkin pie is to mix it all up the day beforehand.  That way the flavors have a chance to really mix together.  Then actually bake the day of.  I am not usually in charge of something as important as the pumpkin pie so I take any and all tips on how to make it good SERIOUSLY.  I also might bring sangria just in case my pie sucks.  I may be nervous about the pie but my sangria is awesome.

**Beauty and the Beast.  And of course we had to start pulling threads.  Never pull a thread on a Disney movie or the whole thing comes unraveled and you can't unsee it.  WHO IS THIS GUY?  ISN'T MRS. POTTS TOO OLD TO BE CHIP'S MOM?  ARE THOSE HIS SIBLINGS?  HOW DO THE VILLAGERS NOT KNOW HE'S THERE?  AAAAARUGH.   Luckily Buzzfeed has this covered.  Gah.
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