December 11, 2013

18 pounds of love.

May I present to you 18 pounds of baby next to 18 pounds of chocolate:

Holiday Bark Season

That's right

Holiday Bark Season
That's interesting...
Holiday Bark Season
Let's see if I can get at it.

Holiday Bark Season
Marbled Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bark.  First bark of the season!
Yup!  The bark was so well received last year that I decided to do it again this year.  I'm sure I will be instagramming it in ridiculous amounts over the next few days and probably posting a few recipes here as well. 

My creation
In case you want to go on a Bark Jag too (SO MANY BARKS! MAKE ALL OF THE BARKS!)  here's some posts I've done on this topic in the past:

Tips for Holiday Barks.  Peppermint Bark Recipe.  Tips for Working with Chocolate.

3 Easy Holiday Bark Recipes:  Rocky Road Bark, Roasted Almond Bark, Cookies 'n Cream Bark.

Yay for bark!

Although I have to say when I was going through to find those photographs I completely freaked myself out because this time last year?  I was completely done with the bark.  Not only that but I had most of my other shopping done, cards ready to be mailed, decorating finished, and was basically owning the Christmas thing.  I also seem to have been thinner, prettier, and better rested even though I had 2 kids and was pregnant at the time.  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED THIS YEAR? We're a hot minute away from Christmas Day and I don't have anything done.  I can barely keep us in clean laundry let alone wrap things.  I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING....


I tried plain noodles for him for dinner. He LOVED them. First step towards being done w the awful that is baby food!!! #6months #baby
RIIIIIIGHT.  That happened.  That's how I've been spending my time.  Turns out they are alot harder out then in.  Also:

Glow at the Cleveland botanical Garden
I will be using this picture in all future blog posts for ever and ever because I loves it so.

The magic ability of a 2 year old to make even the simplest of tasks impossible.

He is meticulously tearing apart and sorting a box of band aids and I no longer care bc I HAVE TO GET SOME LAUNDRY DONE SOMEHOW AND THIS IS ONLY LOCALLY DESTRUCTIVE. #two #SOVERYTWO #whenisthree
The Dude meticulously tearing apart and sorting a box of band-aids.  I let it happen because I HAD TO GET LAUNDRY DONE SOMEHOW AND AT LEAST THIS IS ONLY LOCALLY DESTRUCTIVE.  Sigh.

Good things barks are simple!  Yay bark!

Holiday Bark Season
Love the big sibling photobomb in the background.
PS - in 2014 I"m totally going to see this post and think I had it all together this year, too.  Silly future self.

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