January 22, 2014

3 Things Currently Making My Life Better.

So!  It's been awhile since I did a random list.   And I have a few seconds here to blog (my daughter has dragged both the boys - the little guy in his walker - under the dining room table and is reading to them.  when the inevitable breakdown occurs this post will be over).  So how about it?

Random picture of our frozen Lake Erie.

3 Things Currently Making My Life Better.

1.)  Food, Glorious, Food.  Ok.  I hate baby food.  I hate the baby food phase.  It's gross.  It's more things that I need to deal with.  It's generally just awful.  HOWEVER.  Now that he's transitioned to solids it's surprisingly easier.  And kindof... dare I say... fun?

Riiiight.  Cleaning this up was super fun.
Grilled Cheese is awesome, Mommy!
The little guy is genuinely enjoying all of the new things I'm offering him.  And only having to feed 3 kids 3 meals plus snacks a day?  SO MUCH EASIER THAN WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING.  I know we're a little way from that - he's still nursing fairly frequently - but seriously the thought of everyone in this house eating the same thing at the same time makes me want to weep with joy.
Three kids eating the same thing for lunch. THIS IS THE DREAM, PEOPLE. @verozarc #3kids #macncheese
3 kids eating the same thing for lunch at the same time.  THIS IS THE DREAM, PEOPLE.
Bottom line?  An assembly line is easier than a juggling act.  And we're so close to that I can taste it (natch).

I am not amused by your puns, Mommy.  Now pass me some more of that sandwich.
2.)  The List.  So my husband and I rarely have a chance to watch a movie.  To have an night when we're both home, the kids are down and dishes/etc done before 9ish?  Total rarity.  And when it happens we're so excited about it that we spend a hour flipping through the netflix trying to decide what to actually watch.

And then it's too late to watch anything.

And the selections on Netflix Streaming aren't exactly the most current.  So we end up watching an old movie that we only kindof want to see and falling asleep halfway through it.  GLAMOROUS!

With Oscar season happening we realized just how very, very far behind we are on current popular culture.  So we made The List:

The rule is that if we are going to watch a movie it MUST be one from The List.  No more spending hours deciding!  No more watching nonsense from the '90's!  We're using redbox to do it which is a new experience for me.  So far we've seen The Great Gatsby.  Which is one more current movie than we've seen in ... months?  Years, probably.

So what do you guys think?  Are we missing anything from The List?

3.)  Saturday, Art Day.  My daughter is taking a class at the Cleveland Museum of Art:

She really likes her art class! #stevensonpartyof5
She's old enough now that it's a drop-off class.  Which means that I get an hour and a half at the museum all by myself.

My daughter is taking an art class so I have a hour and a half all by myself here. So many possibilities!!! #cma #happyincle
Time without kids in one of the best cultural institutions in the country?  GLORIOUS.
Last week I went to a docent lead tour on American Landscape Painting.  It was fascinating.

Twilight in the Wilderness, 1860, by Frederic Edwin Church;  View of Schroon Mountain, Essex County, New York, After a Storm, 1838, by Thomas Cole;  Yosemite Valley, 1866, by Albert Bierstadt.

I learned so much!  And it felt so good to be engrossed in and thinking about something that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with raising children. These "highlight tours" are free and offered basically all the time (here's a link listing them).  I can't wait for next week!
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