January 27, 2014

Snow Ice Cream.

So How did I make it this far and not know about Snow Ice Cream?  Because Ice Cream made from Snow?  SURPRISINGLY DELICIOUS.

Snow Ice Cream
And we certainly have enough snow to go around:

Fun in the snow!  #cleveland #snow #handknit #stevensonpartyof5
I've heard rumors that we've had more snow this Jan than any other Jan EVER.

Seriously I am SO over this winter.  Just the time it takes me to get hats and boots and coats and mittens and scarves on everyone is DAUNTING.  Let alone keeping track of all of that stuff.

Snow Ice Cream
But on the other hand the stuck being inside thing is making us all crazy.  There's talk of school being cancelled again tomorrow because of the cold and well... all  work no play makes Jeanne a dull girl.  all work no play makes Jeanne a dull girl.  all work...


I"m trying to stay positive about it with the kids because they really take their tone from me.  If I am constantly complaining about it they will, too and the last thing I want is for them to hate winter.  Winter can be fun!  Really!  Just maybe not so much of it?

Snow Ice Cream
The girl was DONE with the snow about 10 min after going out into it preferring instead to hang out in the warm house with me while her brother threw snowballs at the window.  Funtimes.
So when my daughter mentioned that she her teacher said she could make ice cream from all of this snow I was all "TO THE GOOGLE!"

Snow Ice Cream
Even if this doesn't work just having a big bowl of snow in the house was pretty fun.

Turns out you can.  It's delicious. And EASY.

Snow Ice Cream
Boom.  Ice cream.  Who knew!
Matt was highly skeptical at first but as he was reaching for his second bowl he summed up the experience:  "This is surprisingly really good and not just passable!"

Snow Ice Cream
Especially when you add sprinkles.

It's light and fluffy and really just straight up delicious.  I highly recommend trying it.  I also have big plans for lots of other flavors... chocolate!  mint!  Caramel!  The possibilities are as endless as this snow.  And the best part is that when your ice cream melts into that puddle in your bowl you can just add more snow to it and make more ice cream!

Snow Ice Cream
We had a bunch of snow leftover after the ice cream so I let the kids take it into the bathtub with them.  We made ice burgs.  It was hilarity.  Snow inside = funtimes.  Noted.

Anyways to make the Ice Cream I looked at a couple of recipes and ended up with my own technique.  Here's what we did:

How to make Lemonade from Lemons... or Ice Cream from Snow.

Please to enjoy!  And if you have any tips for getting through the next week of cold please let me know...

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