February 19, 2014

Besties Weekend.

So!  This weekend one of my bestest friends came into town.  And we spent the time... schlepping my kids around.  Oh how glamorous my life is.  But you know that someone is a good, good friend when they are fine with just rolling with your posse.  We celebrated Valentines Day:

Her daddy sent us roses for Valentines Day!  Thanks @verozarc that was a really nice surprise to come home to today!

 Took the boys to the library:


And the girl to ballet:

And then spent the afternoon getting my flat tire fixed.  This week we've had 2 flat tires and a car straight up die.  Seriously.  I'm trying to think positive thoughts.  The flat (and subsequent other flat b/c the shop messed something up) was because I missed a gate on the slalom course of potholes that is Munn Road.  I bitched about it on twitter and since then they've thrown a cone into the center of the biggest one.  Way to get things done, Cleveland!


Friday night we had a movie night with the kids:

Haven't gotten much Ravellenic knitting done bc my Olympic watching today has looked like this. I'm ok with it. Not pictured? The dog snuggled at all of our feet. #loved

I continued my Introduction to Julie Andrews with Mary Poppins.  My friend and I loved it because Nostalgia!  Childhood Memories!  But, dude, DO NOT PULL THREADS.  There are so many things I didn't notice as a child.  First of all Bert is a drifter at best.  Also there's a guy in a ship that he built on top of his house shooting cannons into London.  WHAT?

Then more schlepping.  This time to the Cleveland Museum of Art:

Cleveland Museum of Art

 But we did take her to Prestis for Cannoli and Cookies.  So that's something:


We also did a brief cooking experiment.  Have you guys seen all of those "one pot wonder" meals all over the pintrest?  Yup:

one pot wonder

That night we actually ventured out to some bars for a bit.  Before coming home so that Matt could go to Brite Winter Festival.  It looked like funtimes and also COLD:

Meanwhile we fixed figure skating.  Tell me this is not an amazing new event:  Figure Skating Best Trick.  A 1 minute run of whatever the skaters want to throw down.  They can flip, twist, land however they want, twizzle, spin, etc.  All bets off, X-games style.  They can even still wear costumes / do it to showtunes if they want.  YES.

Anyways with all of these distractions I'm very behind on my Ravellenic Games project.  There might be an all nighter in my future.  How about you guys?  How was your weekend?
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