February 4, 2014


So! Friday night my wonderful parents offered to babysit ... which means DATE NIGHT!!! (said with the same tone and inflection as one would say SPRING BREAK!!!!)  Starting with dinner just the two of us at Parallax in Tremont.  I had never been there before but had heard good things.  We didn't have reservations so we sat at the bar and had sushi and martinis.  It was lovely:

Date night!  @verozarc
Also is there a better way to scream out from the social media mountain tops I AM NOT PREGNANT than posting a picture of liquor and sushi?  I think not.
Then we met some friends out at the new Porco Lounge and Tiki Room. I've been wanting to try this place since they opened.  Craft drinks with lots of fruit and booze?  YES.  Tropical feel in the dead of a Cleveland Winter?  YES.  Kitschy theme with awesome drink stirrers that include mermaids and monkeys?  DOUBLE YES. 

Date Night
Um... my drink is smoking.
Everyone said to order the zombie so I went for it.  It was good.  Super boozy and passionfruity.  I wanted to try something different for round 2 so I went for a Hurricane.  It was good but not blow my socks off amazing.  I ended up stealing Matt's drink which was a foggy something?  I don't remember the name unfortunately because it was INSANELY GOOD.  Seriously so almondy and delicious.  He wins the night with his drink order.  I definitely want to go back sometime and have one of my own along with some tacos.  They have tacos and fruity drinks!  It might be my new jam.

Date Night

Then we moved on to a place without $14 drinks - and the best drunk pizza in Cleveland:


And took a nice, not selfie, picture of the group:

Date Night
I believe I was about to go on a rant and then took off because I saw someone I thought I knew.  So that was my level.  I also ordered a Vodka tonic because for whatever reason when I'm drinking I tend to think of those as the same thing as water.  Which has never gotten me in trouble before, ever.  HEH. The group dispersed a bit after that...

And then we bought an RV full of MBA's on their way to see Punxatony Phil a pizza.

Yup.  I love a good random Odyssey.    Like ending up in a vanagon on the way to the Kentucky Derby because YES.  Unfortunately of that group not a single one was on the instagram or the twitter so I had no way of sharing this photo with them (or so was my rational at that moment):

Date Night
I know exactly 3 people in this picture.  Including Matt and myself.
Then at one point someone bought me a scotch because I was out!  And last time they saw "us" it was just Matt since I was watching the kids!  Yay!  And Matt tried to talk them out of it because the last thing in the world I needed was a scotch.  Seriously.   And it got real awkward bc then he was the husband not letting his wife have fun and how come he gets to have all of the fun and so I took the scotch even though I didn't really want the scotch because I didn't want him to look like the bad guy and... not good.  Let's just say if it weren't for some leftover anti-nausea medicine I have kicking around from pregnancy Saturday would have been ROUGH.

Date Night
Pictured:  The Caravaggio at the CMA where I took my daughter for her art class.  Exactly where you want to be when bright lights are your mortal enemy.  I took a picture of this because it's about to go on tour and then we won't get to see it for awhile and... then I went and sat in the cafe wishing I could lie down.

I feel like next time we go out I need a medical bracelet that states that after midnight Matt is in charge of all of my decisions.  Seems like it would be simpler.  I'm sure they make those, right?

Anyways!  It was a super fun night out.  We haven't partied like that out on the town in awhile.  New restaurants!  New bars!  Random Odysseys!  Drunk Pizza!  Hangovers!  Almost like it was 2006 again.  Only in 2006 we didn't have to take our kids to swimming and art the day after....

Date Night
Pictured:  2 people who surprisingly really rocked the parenting thing the next day.
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