February 5, 2014

Ravellenic Games 2014.

So! Olympics!  Aka Ravellenic Games!  Aka that time when I go crazy trying to knit something in a ridiculous amount of time while watching the Olympics!

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about the Ravellenic Games are described as this:

Challenge yourself by starting and finishing one or more projects during the 2014 Winter Olympics.

It's a Giant Knit Along.  It's happening.  It's now.  And once again I have no idea what to do.  Help?

Some backstory... here's my entry from 2010.  I rocked it.  I knit an entire traditional stranded sweater in the time between the opening and closing ceremonies.  I knit for gold:

Olympics 2012

Here's 2012.  I knit a shawl.  It was less epic than a sweater but still quite Olympic worthy.  Especially since the picot bindoff and the beads made the whole thing take ALOT longer than I had anticipated:

2012 Olympics
And if you really want to go back further here's 2008 (I failed b/c I was newly pregnant with my daughter and very, VERY sick), and here's 2006 (I failed because I was cocky and partied too much.  But then I later redeemed myself.)

So... 2014?  I'm... well... I started thinking that I would knit Matt a sweater.  I pinned and I googled and I narrowed it down to these:
Guy Sweaters
Cobblestone, Guston, Devon
And then I realized that there was a slight problem with this plan:

"What?  I'm just playing with the big kids. NBD". #7months #stevensonpartyof5 #armycrawl
Slightly more kids than I was responsible for in 2006.  And a younger kid than I have ever had during an Olympics.
See... and I hate to admit this... There is no way I can knit a sweater in 16 days anymore. Even for the Olympics.  It's just not possible with my life right now.  I did the math and on a good day - a REALLY good day - I maybe have 30 min to an hour to knit?  And that's assuming that no one is sick or teething or working really late.  And that I got a decent amount of sleep the night before and have the energy to stay up and knit instead of collapsing in a heap shortly after all of the kids are down.  I know the Olympics are about dreaming big but I have to find a balance between reaching for success and setting myself up for failure.


So... I don't know what to do.  I've stashdived and I've pondered and I'm just lost.  I think I've narrowed things down to 2 possibilities that will be insane but just barely possible.

Option 1:  The Tomtems.  Ok the tomtem is a kid's sweater/jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  The tomtem is a type of Swedish Elf and kids are supposed to resemble them when wearing this jacket.  I knit one for the little guy over the fall:

Seaming this was going TERRIBLY. until I remembered the whole block BEFORE seaming thing... #doh #knit #knitting #tomtem #garterstitch
But I never finished it.  I need to seam it all and add in a zipper.  Not a small feat.  I also have the yarn to knit one for the dude.  So the plan would be to knit the dude a sweater (size 3T on size 9 needles.  not impossible in 2 weeks) as well as finish up the one for the little guy.  At the end I'd have two little boys in matching tomtem jackets.  NOTHING COULD BE CUTER.

seriously these two.
I love that it's an Elizabeth Zimmerman project - something about that screams knitting purity and the spirit of knitting and the Olympics and all of that.  Plus I knit an EZ sweater in 2010 for myself so this feels a bit like the same event only on a "I have three kids now" scale.  And what could be more classic than gray wool?

Option 2:  Matt Socks.  I knit Matt a pair of socks out of this:

Destination Yarn in The Road Ahead.
A pair of socks in 2 weeks would be alot.  And I haven't knit socks in awhile.  But... I have promised him Destination Yarn socks for years now.  Literally.  And after I gave up on Rick (never.  never will that pair be finished.)  and wandered off on the Earl Gray Socks it still hasn't happened.  I love that these colors are so very current - Yellow and Gray is crazy popular right now.  With the winter we've been having he's lived in the 2 pairs of socks I actually have finished for him.  He deserves a new pair and this might be just the time to do it.  I just don't know what pattern I'd go for...

Maybe just plain old socks?  I dunno....

Ok.  So yeah.  What do you guys think?  I have less than 48 hours to decide.  GULP.

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