March 14, 2014

Spring Shaving.

So!  This winter Matt grew out a beard:

It was glorious.  As all beards should be.  But in a few days we're piling all of the kids in the van and driving south until we are out of this godforsaken winterscape.  So last night?  It was time for a shave.
So. Many. Options!  (image from here)

He started with the classic goatee:


Then started to get crazy:

I... what is the goal here?
And dissolved into a debate between the Fu and the Mushroom:
Or both?  Is both a thing?  The pic is blurry because we were both laughing too hard.

Finally ending up with... well...


We are calling it the "Bizarro Matt"
Yes.  He went to work today that way.  And will be rocking it at tonight's fishfry.  After that I'm guessing he'll go back to plain old springtime Matt but what a fun journey it has been:
I... yeah.  The baby hasn't been sleeping again - every night sometime around 2AM he does his I HATE THE WORLD thing for an hour or so.  I'm deep enough into this parenting thing not to freak out about it - I know that this current nonsense is normal (teeth! not being on enough of a routine since he's dragged after his siblings everywhere! growth spurt! voodoo! just being a baby!).  But that doesn't make it any easier.  Or me any less of a zombie.

And when I don't sleep (EVER OMG) everything else kindof falls to shit. We're in survival mode, bitches.

It's a good thing I'm this cute.
Clearly I am not currently capable of being witty or coherent.   So instead of finishing one of the many coherent blog posts I have started (our new car! our upcoming vacation! birthday parties! knitting successes!) I posted that.  Happy Weekend!
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