April 4, 2014

Captain America in Cleveland!

So!  Captain America:  The Winter Soldier releases tonight!  Which is exciting to me because most of it was filmed in Cleveland.  Even more exciting?  I inadvertently got to watch a crazy intense day of filming because of when my son was born.

Wait... what?

See they filmed for a day on the bridge across the metro parks on Lorain road.  It's a pretty neat looking bridge and with the forest underneath I can see why they picked it.  But the bridge is literally RIGHT NEXT TO the birthing wing of Fairview Hospital - where our little guy was born on June 13.  Their big film date?  June 14.  Yup.

The day that we were in the hospital just hanging with our newborn we got to watch this happen:

Captian America in Cleveland
Pictured:  Captain America, his stunt double in the superhero suit, and his motorcycle.  YES.
While in labor I had quite the chat with my delivery nurse about how neat it was that they were filming in Cleveland.  And how the hospital staff had to use a different entrance tomorrow because of filming.  And how the birth wing would be able to see alot of what was going on.  Clearly this was not my first time at the rodeo.

So After this little guy was born happy and healthy:

Captian America in Cleveland
I - with an hour old baby in my arms - asked the nurse if she could hook us up with a room with a view.  She was all over it.  Our view was fantastic:

Captian America in Cleveland
The motorcycle the actual movie star rode on pulled by that crazy truck/camera thing.  We watched it drive back and forth across the bridge several times.  The trailer in the background is where Chris Evans hung out when they weren't filming him.  YUP.
People were stopping by all day just to watch the filming.

I took a ton of photographs.  But since I had a newborn and THREE KIDS OMG once I got home I never got around to posting them.  I figured with the movie releasing tonight it was a good day to finally post them!  So here we go.  A Captain America via Fairview Birthing Center photodump:

PicMonkey Collage
Really early in the morning we watched them raise this giant green screen with a crane.  Then the stunt man on the motorcycle in the Captain America suit drove across the bridge in front of it a whole bunch of times.  Sometimes he had the shield, sometimes not.  From the stills of the movie that I've found I'm pretty sure they used the green screen to add in this:


Here's the crowd gathered to try to get a view:
merica filming in Cleveland

This is what they were trying to see:
Captian America in Cleveland
The shield!!!!  It's Captain America!!!!
Here you can see them setting up the shot.  The truck pictured above is on the left with the Captain America motorcycle behind it.  He's partially hidden by the trees but that's Chris Evans:

merica filming in Cleveland

Here's them filming. The car is driving across the bridge towards us.
Captian America in Cleveland
Here's one of the cars set up for filming... and wait... is that Buckey?!

Captian America in Cleveland

 It was such a cool thing to see.  I can't wait to see the movie!!!!

Happy Friday, Everyone!
Captian America in Cleveland
Extra fun bonus picture.
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