April 2, 2014


So!  We went on vacation!  And it was fabulous!  We've been home since Sunday morning - after leaving the Spanish moss, 80 degree weather, and vague swamp smell of Savannah to drive overnight through a straight up snowstorm in West Virginia.  I am nowhere near recovered.  Reentry is hard - yo.

I didn't quite feel like I was home until I saw the lake. It unfroze while we were gone!  Just a few hunks of ice left. #happyinCLE #lakeerie #thisisCLE #greatlake #cleveland #spring
Look the lake mostly unfroze while we were gone!  Yay?
But!  While I'm still digging myself out from a pile of laundry and mail I don't want to get caught in the trap I usually get caught in with vacations.  Where I'm overwhelmed and then never post anything (see also:  our trip to North Myrtle Beach, etc.)  So while I still have to finish going through the 1500+ photos that we took I wanted to throw a few up here. Because one thing is standing out to me:  the looks on my kids faces:

My children have turned into fish. #stevensonpartyof5
So much joy!  So many happy memories!  So much fun!


All three of them grew up so much in the span of the week and a half that we were gone.  A bit of fresh air and sunshine and they are all about an inch taller.  And much healthier looking.  Also covered in freckles:

Tampa Day One.
Since we've been back the dude has expanded his imagination by leaps and bounds.  He used to go along with whatever pretend play his sister had concocted without really being aware of what they were doing.  But now?  He's the YES, AND to her improvisations.

St. Augustine
I have to think that has something to do with spending time in a place driven by imagination.

Dreams are real here, folks.
And the little guy!  While we were gone he learned to point at things that thrill him and clap hands whenever he's pleased.  Again, not a coincidence:

Hollywood studios
At the fantasmic show.  He pointed and made happy baby freaking out noises the whole time.  Until the snake.  Then he grimaced and snuggled into Matt's chest.  Amazing how some things are so visceral.  Snakes = BAD NEWS.

And my girl!  One amazing moment from a trip of amazing moments was when she saw this sign:

She was SO EXCITED that the sign said Stevenson. "Is it talking about me ?!?! " #stevensonpartyof5 #savannah
"IT SAYS STEVENSON!!!!!!  Is it about me?  What does it say?  Why is it talking about Stevenson?"

Travel is so good for kids.  Just getting them out of their comfort zone for a bit expands their horizons so very much.

We improvised,  enjoyed each other's company, spent over 40 hours in the car, told the real Jake that we named our car after his ship, spent time with family and friends, and tried so SO many new things.

Hollywood studios
Overall it was wonderful.  Hopefully I will post more detailed stuff soon.  But until then:
My pirate crew in a real pirate town. Beware the Spanish!  #stevensonpartyof5 #staugustine #florida
My pirate crew in the town of St. Augustine where we went to a festival and a reenactment at a real fort, a pirate gave the kids gold doubloons and told them to beware the Spanish, and we found a pirate flag for Buckey.  All of it totally unplanned.
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