May 23, 2014

Family Photos and I Heart Life Photography.

So.  Until this weekend I've never had a professional picture taken of our family.  I know!  I mean I take a ton of pictures of the kids - both crappy iphone ones:

If it fits it ships! #stevensonpartyof5
If it fits it ships!
 And attempts at nice ones with the "real" camera:

Big Spring 2014
 I've even had the posed at a mall portrait studio ones taken a few times:

Yeah it's been awhile.
I try to get the family picture when it's appropriate:

Disney at night!
We seem to have added a member... huh...
And since the whole "mom stays in the picture" movement I've made sure that there's at least a selfie of me to prove I was there:
The Castle!
terrible.  but I exist!
But I have exactly zero pictures of all of us that I would want to frame and put on the wall.  And our poor third child is only represented like this:
At least he's there, right?
So when Valerie Gage of I Heart Life Photography contacted me about doing a session I was SUPER EXCITED.  Her work is fantastic and exactly the type of relaxed, quality images that I was looking for:

PicMonkey Collage
Photos by Valerie Gage of I Heart Life Photography.
We talked about many different  venues and ultimately decided on the Cleveland Art Museum.  It's where we had our wedding pictures taken nearly ten (!!!) years ago so it was a nice symmetry to go back after all of this time with all of our kids.

#tbt us at the CMA back in 2011. We are going back this weekend with a great local photographer - I Heart Life Photography - to get some family shots with all 5 of us. I can't wait! #throwbackthurs
Hanging out at the lagoon after a GREAT photo session w I heart Life Photography. Super excited to see how they come out!  #thisiscle #cma
Running around that same lagoon after our portrait session.  2014.
Valerie is working on editing the images now but once I have them I'm sure I will post a belligerent amount.   Also I will be offering a contest where you can win a photo session of your own so be looking for that in early June!!!

After the photo session I was all "We're dressed up!  We look like a nice civilized family!  We should go out to dinner in Little Italy!"  Which rapidly turned into OH NO THE BOYS ARE WEARING WHITE SHIRTS WHAT HAVE WE DOOOOONE:

Pasta in white shirts.  Flawless.
Bleach is my new bff.
Afterwards we went to the little playground on Random Road to run off the pasta:

are you sick of seeing pictures of him in the Tomten yet?  'Cause I might never be.
And then drove the kids through the city to see the new Playhouse Square Swag:

New Playhouse Square Awesome

 And Chandelier!

Playhouse Square
According to my daughter "that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen"

It was a wonderful day and Valerie was great to work with.  Yay for finally having some real pictures of our family!

Disclosure:  I received the photo session from I Heart Life.  All opinions are as always my own.
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