May 1, 2014

Signs Things Have Gone Horribly Wrong.

So!  I've been having some computer ... issues?  We'll call them issues.  Really it's just a case of an old laptop that needs to be cleared off and de-bugged or maybe set on fire and I have the patience for none of that right now.   It's having the unintended effect of making me stupider.  See I've learned that when your only internet access is via a smart phone you end up reading a lot of link bait listicles.  Buzzfeedy nonsense...

I'm.... not proud.

But!  I recently saw one of those listicles that was titled Signs Things Have Gone Horribly Wrong and it amused me a great deal.  However it was clearly written by someone single and in their 20's.  With the fun and fabulous life that goes along with that.  I thought it would be fun to do a Mom in her Thirties version of that list.  Plus it will kill some time while I try to figure out how to post real pictures again.  GAH. 

Signs Things Have Gone Horribly Wrong.

11.)  A kid runs by at top speed with no pants on.

10.)  The bathroom sink looks like this:

9.)  It's 4AM

8.)  The dog is nowhere to be found.

7.)  There's more than one (or AHEM 2) random laundry baskets floating around the living room.

6.)  I'm standing in nothing but a towel, yelling at someone.

5.)  There's a bucket next to a bed.

4.)  I've resorted to posting listicles.

3.)  There's an unidentifiable smell coming from... somewhere?

2.)  My phone looks like this and I have NO IDEA WHAT IT MEANS:


1)  It's quiet.

Ok!  Hopefully I can get all of this nonsense fixed soon!!!

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