June 3, 2014

In Summer.

So!  It's summer vacation!  And it's finally warm out!  And I have so much to blog about but no time to blog because SUMMER!  So I'm just throwing up a fly-by post with the promise that I will return again.  Probably soon since next week starts all of the various summer activities that the kids are doing.  But right now I'm busy with playdates at the park:

Funtimes in Tremont with the @NWFN_Cleveland ! #thisiscle #cleveland
and afternoons at the splash pad.  And ROCKS WATER:

Spent the day getting 3 kids and a dog as muddy as possible at our fav Rocks Water place in the @clevemetroparks #thisiscle #summer #stevensonpartyof5

And random road trips to Erie PA with friends:

Presque Isle. #erie #greatlake #lakeerie #nofilter
(much more on this one coming later)
And rainy days at the library:

Rainy day = library!  #stevensonpartyof5

And visits to Nonni and Papa Nonni:


And grilled cheese mustaches:

Grilled cheese mustache. #stevensonpartyof5 #mustache

And just enjoying as much outside time as possible:



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