July 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Cleveland!

So!  You guys!  Cleveland is REALLY having  moment right now.  The RNC is coming!  LeBron is back (and even vaguely apologized for debacle that was "The Decision") It's almost like the rest of the world is finally catching a clue as to how great it is here!

Like us Clevelanders have been saying for years.  SIGH.

Anyways! In the spirit of all the Yay Cleveland that's going around right now - and because it's my city's birthday today - I thought I should post about all the fun we've been having here this summer.  In handy listicle form.  So here we go!

Top 10 Things That Have Been Awesome In Cleveland This Summer

(I had to narrow it down quite a bit)
((the list is in no particular order))

1.)  The Westpark Independence Day Parade:

We were very festive.  ROCK FLAG AND EAGLE.
 Um... I'm not sure how we've never been to this before.  It travels literally right around the corner from us and is one of the largest Independence Day Parades in the area.

We will most definitely be making this one a tradition!

2.)  Wade Oval Wed.

Band!  Outside!  Gyros and Lemonade!  What's not to love?  We missed last week but hope to go again this week.... although I have been wanting to check out Edgewater Live and keeping the kids up at a festival two nights in a row might be rough... SUMMER!

3.)  Edgewater Yacht Club:

Not a bad place to spend a morning in Cleveland! Thanks @ashleytaseff ! #THISISCLE #CLEVELAND #lakeerie #edgewater
A friend of mine has a membership there and invites us to go swimming sometimes.  Pool, view of the city, and a playground attached?  YES.

4.)  Mitchell's Ice Cream:
I don't have a picture of us actually eating it so how about one of the happy post-ice cream baby?

Yeah I'm not sure how it took us so long to discover this one but in the last few weeks I've been to all of their west side locations.  Avon with my knitting group, Rocky River with my family, and the new Ohio City flagship store with some out of town friends.  Their Salted Caramel is DELICIOUS.  I might have a problem.

No picture of the flagship store but here's the kids frolicking around Ohio City.


5.)  Taste of Tremont:
Fun times at taste of tremont!   That btw was the dudes reaction reaction to Lolita ' s mac n cheese. #tremont #thisiscle #CLEVELAND #stevensonpartyoffive
The Dude's reaction to the Lolita Mac'n Cheese.
It was super blowed up this year but still one of our favorites.  Next year we'll try to go earlier in the day and beat the crowd.

6.)  Edgewater for Fireworks:

2014-07-05 00.30.51
So I've never done this before.  Or at least not in recent memory.  It was AWESOME.  We sat on the burm right out side of the park.  First of all while waiting for the fireworks you get a sunset over the water view.  Then we watched Lakewood which seemed to be rightnexttous.  Then we watched Brahtenal and Euclid and who knows how many other communities over the lake.  We were literally surrounded by fireworks.  You could see them being shot off all along the shore.  Very, very cool.  Finally we had a stunning view for Cleveland's show - Water, Fireworks, City Skyline.  YES.

7.)  The Transient Marina:

North Coast Harbor
Have you guys seen this?  It's a marina for transient boaters that just opened up on the North Coast Harbor.  It finally opened this summer and it's an amazing amenity for Cleveland to have downtown.

North Coast Harbor

8.)  The Cleveland Flea:

We finally went for the first time and it was super fun.  Although we'd plan a little better next time with food trucks / kid's hunger levels.  I always forget that food truck food takes a bit to prepare...

9.)  Fresh Fork!

Spinach with beets, goat cheese, and walnuts. And with this simple dish I actually like beets! @freshforkmarket #freshforkmarket # beets #csa
We are very much enjoying our CSA.  I know it's been rough for the farmers what with the cool, wet, basically crazy summer we've had.  And the peach destroying awful that was the Polar Vortex.  And yet our bag is full of awesome week after week. Trevor and his crew have really hit it out of the park this year!

10.)  The Circle of Life Carousel at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo:

The new Circle of wildlife carousel at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is about the coolest thing ever. He got to ride a shark!!! @clevemetroparks #thisiscle #zoo #stevensonpartyoffive
We finally went a few weeks ago after much anticipation.  It lived up to it's reputation.  Possibly one of the coolest things in our city.  Every "horse" is a different animal.  Each is neater than the next.  The Girl rode on an iceburg with penguins (like Elsa).  The Dude rode on a Shark (because of course he did).  They both have big plans for the next time we go.

So yeah.  Yay Cleveland Summer!!!

PS - I hope to see everyone at the Destination Yarn Trunk Show at River Colors this Saturday!!!
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