August 22, 2014

First Day of School 2014.

So!  It happened!  She's officially a Kindergartner now!


And it was fine.  The worst that happened was that the sign we made said "2013" instead of "2014"

she wanted to add the part about what she likes
Something had to go wrong and if that was it I'll take it.  I can even ghetto photoshop it out:

Nailed it.
As long as I got some pictures of how nervous/excited she was:

And a picture of the backpack.  She was very proud of the backpack.
And she was SO nervous and excited.  Here she is waiting for school to start with her friend:

The same picture with the same friend from last year they are all smiles.  Not so much this year.

Drop off was tough.  Normally Matt will drive her to school but I did it the first day.  For both our sakes.  But everything went as it should have - both Matt and I cried.  She did not.

Then it was home to face my forlorn boys who missed their sister terribly.  To make them feel better - and celebrate her first day - they made her some cupcakes:

PicMonkey Collage
Then we went to the pet store where my Tiny had a milestone of his own.  First time MEEOWING at the hamsters.  It's probably my favorite toddler trick:

First Day of Kindergarten

Amusing them is going to be a whole different ballgame.  In the morning we painted, made cupcakes, went to the pet store, frosted cupcakes, read about the frog he's going to get when the fishtank filter is working again, and ate lunch.  As I was putting the dude down for a nap he says to me "I think I'm going start preschool tomorrow because you are boring."  GAH.

Pick-up was more nerve wrecking than drop off.  I couldn't wait to see her!  To hear all about it!  And then she got into the car and was silent.  For about 5 full minutes I couldn't get her to say anything at all.  And then all of a sudden she busted out with "MOMMY I JUST CAN'T STAND IT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!"

And went on to tell me all about her amazing first day.  All about the friends she made and the hunt for clues they went on through the school.  About how her buddy had a note from his mom in his lunch, too, and how cool it was that they could read their notes without help from their teacher.

She was also SO excited to see her siblings:

First Day of K

When I took Tiny out of the car she ran over to me and was all "I just can't wait to hug him!"

IMG_3225 copy

 I tried to get a revised First Day picture with a 2014 sign but.... yeah:


The cupcakes were a hit, too:

The rest of this week has been pretty rough, though.  This new schedule (of actually having a schedule) is taking it's toll on all 3 of them.  And me, honestly.  I'm exhausted beyond all reason.  I might adopt their new 8PM bedtime.   But I think once we're all used to it this school thing is going to be pretty great.

Also great?  UNIFORMS.  For seriously.
Days 2 & 3
Although she is already on day 3 wearing Hello Kitty socks b/c they are "almost white and I don't think I'll get yelled at"  UM.... As someone who used to wear hot pink tights b/c there was nothing in the dress code about the color of tights we were allowed to wear I get it.  They changed that rule the next year btw.

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