September 17, 2014

Halloweekends at Cedar Point.

So. HalloWeekends at Cedar Point is pretty fantastic.
We brought our kids on Sunday and it was So. Much. Fun.  We just had the best day.  My parents offered to come with us and watch the kids while we rode a few coasters.  And as luck would have it my brother and sister-in-law were planning on going the same day!  So my entire family was there together:

Three generations of coaster riders. So fun to be there with my whole family!! #iheartcp #bloggingatCP #halloweekends #cedarpoint #stevensonpartyoffive
My sister-in-law loves the Mantis so she wanted to be there for a Last Stand before it closes next month:

We didn't all hang together all day, though - they had coasters to ride!  But we met up for some key moments:
Woodstock Express
The Woodstock Express.  The Dude is hanging on for dear life!
It was the kids' first time at Cedar Point so it was their first real experience with roller coasters.  They were hesitant at first... And then got really into it - they rode the Wilderness Run 3 times in a row!

A little bit nervous. ... #cedarpoint #bloggingatCP
The Parent Swap was awesome. It's  a system where only one parent has to wait in line for the coaster.  The other parent can be with the kids.  Then when the first parent is done riding the other parent gets to go directly on the ride.  Makes SO much sense so that everyone can have a great time and do the things that they want to do! We used it all day.  The kids even got into watching us ride:

Coaster Riding
Watching Matt ride Top Thrill Dragster from the grandstands - he's the guy in the orange shirt right in the middle.  The picture on the right is of my dad and Matt on the Millennium Force - they are right in the middle of the train.
Fall is so much fun at Cedar Point.  The Halloweekends decorations are really neat.  There are a bunch of haunted houses that we didn't do b/c kids but even the stuff for the little ones is fun.  They especially loved trick or treating through the Kiddie Kingdom.  I loved the graveyard for old rides.

Cedar Point

There were almost no lines all days:

I can't believe the Raptor is 20 years old!!!!  I remember waiting in every one of those switch backs the summer after 8th grade when it was brand new.

And the weather was PERFECT:

Cedar Point!
Other highlights include taking the kids on the Dogems.  We did it once at the beginning of the day and once as we were leaving because the Dude loved them so, so much:

The Sky Ride - another one we did twice.

PicMonkey Collage
I even took Tiny on it.  He LOVED it.  Pointed at all the coasters and said CHOO CHOO.

Cedar Point!

And Dinosaurs Alive - the kids loved the dinos, the adults enjoyed the views of the Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster.

Cedar Point!

Bottom line?  We ALL had fun.

Yay Cedar Point!!!!!

Disclaimer:  I am a Cedar Point Blogger and was invited to attend their BloggingatCP event.  Tickets were provided for me and my family.  All opinions are as always my own.

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