September 18, 2014

Throwback Thurs: Random College Edition.

So!  This weekend Matt and I are headed to our ten (TEN!!!) year college reunion!  Crazytown.  So I thought I'd throw up a few pictures from our last year of grad school for a fun little TBT.  Enjoy!

APX Convention 2003
Don Pablos on the River in Cincinnati:  LB and I will be recreating this picture this weekend.
End of 2003
2003 Matt in vigilante mode about to toss a pumpkin over a railing.  To celebrate New Years Eve.  Like you do.
disney 070
Disney 2003.  The next time we attempted this we did it with 3 kids.

Disney 2003
A bunch of people you don't know at Disney 10 years ago.  Isn't my blog thrilling!  But the dude on the far left is getting married next weekend and it's going to be super fun times.
disney 025
World of Coke in the ATL.  Because POLAR BEAR.

Bridge Break 2004
This was a school project.  For seriously.  It was part of Bridge Break.  A thing... architects do.
Bridge Break 2004
Here we are at Bridge Break.  I'm very confused as to why I have a box of bubbles next to me.
Bridge Break 2004
The University of Cincinnati MArch class of 2004.
Engagement Party
At our engagement party.  10 year college reunion means that our 10 year wedding anniversary is also coming up.  In less than a month.  TIME FLIES, FOLKS!
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