October 30, 2014

Girls' Weekend at Put-In-Bay.

So!  Last weekend some friends and I hopped on the Miller Boat Line and headed to Put-In-Bay for a much anticipated girls' weekend:

ferry to put in bay

It was Halloween weekend at PIB so there were lots of shenanigans.  That .... we had no interest in, honestly.  Instead our weekend looked more like this:

cheers to put in bay
Relaxing in front of a fire with good wine, good conversation, and noone needing anything from me?  PERFECT.
I wouldn't have thought of Put-in-Bay as the spot for a trip like this.  I know the island is fantastic with families (we took ours there last year and had a ball).  But for an adults only trip?  Mainly I picture bars and  well... shenanigans.  But my friend was certain it would be perfect and she was right.  We stayed at a "cottage" owned by her family.  Her descendants have been vacationing on PIB for 104 years.  Yes.  104.  Completely amazing and interesting.  I was fascinated.  So she took us on a little tour of the west side of the island:

walking tour of the island
The yellow house was her great-grandparents.  It's down the street from her grandparents' house, her cousin's house, and her parents' house.

It was the perfect day for a walk.  Fall on the lake is so beautiful!

Lake Erie is beautiful in Fall

We went out to dinner and ate the best fish fry on the island (it was good but nothing can compare to how my dad does a Lake Erie fish fry.  I'm spoiled on that one.):

PIB weekend

We went to the Put-In-Bay Winery and tasted delicious wines with a fantastic view of the harbor and lake:

PIB weekend

I liked the "Red Witch" wine in particular.  Interestingly it's a white wine.

I like girls weekend. #winetasting
It's one of these.
 We shopped the "junk store" aka the Antique Store where all of the proceeds benefit the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society:

Put-in-bay atiques shop
And we enjoyed a fantastic Lake Erie Sunset:

PIB weekend

 And caught the ferry home on Sunday in time to watch football with our families:

Headed home
Sunday steelers watching at the bar. #stevensonpartyoffive #steelers
I missed them even if they are Steelers fans.
All in all it was a perfect, relaxing weekend.  We're talking about making it a bi-annual tradition.


Disclosure:  The Miller Boat Line provided me with round-trip tickets to the island.  All opinions and photographs are my own.

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