October 21, 2014

Patterson's Fruit Farm.

So!  How about some more FALL?  Last weekend we took the kids to Patterson's Fruit Farm for their Family Fun Fest:

family pic at pattersons
It was a lovely, if a bit chilly, fall day:

We went with the Near West Family Network so the kids got to hang out with their friends:


 We did all of the fall things:

The dude in a treehouse, Matt on stilts, the dude on a tractor, walking through the woods to the slides.
Even Tiny got in on the action! And by action I mean mud.  SO MUCH MUD.

Very happy and muddy toddler running down a hill in the woods. #stevensonpartyoffive #pattersons #fall
Toddler running downhill in the woods.  Happiness personified.
The pumpkin patch was pretty picked over but Tiny still had fun toddling through it:

The big kids wanted to do the corn maze but Matt took one look inside it, saw all the mud, and said "Sorry, kids!  We can't go in there because ALLIGATORS!" scooped up Tiny and ran.  I... yeah.  If you tell kids there are alligators somewhere?  THEY ARE GOING TO WANT TO LOOK FOR THE ALLIGATORS.  So I braved the mud and took the big kids on an alligator hunt. 

Surprisingly we didn't find any.
Sadly the apple picking was over for the season.  So unlike last year we didn't get to sample all of their varieties.  But I still bought a bunch to make some Apple Raspberry Sauce.

Making apple raspberry sauce
They were super helpful.
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