November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014!

So are you sick of adorable pictures of children in costumes yet?  Because NEVER.

103714 037
The boys were Jake and Cubby from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  I made their costumes this week.  Quick and easy.  Much glue gun involved:

The vests are the Dana Made It Pirate vests that I altered a bit.  For Jake's I added a collar.  For Cubby I made the whole thing a bit smaller:
This is my new fav photo ever.
The shirts are a package of toddler undershirts with some felt glued to them.  Bonus that they could both wear the same size!  Jake's I cut up a bit, Cubby's I left alone:

I bought the bandanas at JoAnne's b/c easy.  The pants they already owned - although Jake's were about 3 sizes to small.  Meh.  Cubby's were just a pair of grey sweatpants - I threw them in a dyepot with some red and BAM.  Cubby pants.

PicMonkey Collage
Of course if you're familiar with Jake and the Neverland Pirates you realize that someone is missing.  They are a pirate crew of 3.  Just like my kids!

 Except our girl wanted NOTHING to do with this nonsense.  So someone else had to step up:
Yo ho mateyes away!!! #stevensonpartyoffive #halloween #jakeandtheneverlandpirates
Noone can ever say I'm not a good sport.
We rocked our costumes at the preschool party:

2 Jakes, a Cubby, and a bumblebee at the preschool party! #halloween
two jakes, a cubby, and a bee.  Btw of the 18 kids in his class at least 5 were Elsa.
Where Tiny continued to think that he's a big kid:
What.  I totally belong here.
Before we headed down to costume parade at the girl's school.

Her school requires that the kids dress up like characters from books.  I LOVE IT!  Obviously her choice was easy:

Her skirt was one that I made for-ev-er ago when she was a toddler who loved tulle.  But she then rejected it b/c it was too scratchy.  I saved it and it found new life here.  The rest of it is thrown together out of clothes she already owned and a tiara we embellished with some pipe cleaners.  I think the red hair is the perfect detail!

Her school did a book character costume parade. Obviously she was Fancy Nancy. #stevensonpartyoffive #THISISCLE #halloween #fancynancy
But she didn't want to be Fancy Nancy for "real" Halloween.  She wanted to be "ponies turn into people" aka the My Little Pony Equestria Girls ridiculous.  I said ok, though since she was so determined and the costume was easy to put together. 

103714 002
My friend made here the awesome mask which has been a dress up box staple for awhile.  I made the skirt out of fabric she picked out.  I threw together the "boots" aka leg warmer things the night before.  Her shirt is a school shirt.  She wore the ears and leggings from last year's costume.

Our pirate crew had a ball trick-or-treating.  And pillaging their pirate booty:


 Afterwards we headed out to our own Halloween party - the same one we go to every year:

I did not change costumes.  Which means all night I had to explain.. yeah it's from a kid's show.  It was still funtimes.

My brother had no problem with people not recognizing him.
A demon and a grinch.... evil theme?
Halloween around here was INTENSE.  3 parties and trick or treat all in one day!  I... yeah.  We spent all day Saturday in a sugar coma of lazy.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Oh yeah and we carved pumpkins, too.
Thanks to my dad and my sister in law for the pictures!
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