November 7, 2014

Help Me Name My Yarn.

So!  Those of you who are new around here might not know this but in addition to this blog I'm also the dyer behind Destination Yarn.   Occasionally I'll post about it here because who doesn't want to see pictures of pretty yarn?
It has been a great day!  I am here for another half hour if you wanted to stop by!   #thisiscle #yarn #handdyedyarn #knit #knitting #indiedyer #destinationyarn
Me with all the pretty yarn.
Sidenote:  The advice I keep hearing about blogging is that you should find a niche and stick to it.  Post only about that one thing and find your tribe of people interested in that one thing  And every time I hear that I just think HAAAAAAA OOOOOPS.

Anyways!  Yarn!

New Colorways
New Colorways!!!
I have a trunk show coming up next Saturday, November 15 at Yarn Cravin'.  I haven't been there in awhile and they are such a fun group of people so I wanted to dye up a couple of brand new colorways.  I was feeling uninspired by my own travel so I paged through pintrest until something struck my fancy:
Quebec City.
I found that image of Quebec City and just loved it.  The colors spoke to me even if I had never been there myself.  So I interpreted it as this:
Black and pink and teal and blue!
Which, LOVE.  But then my daughter saw it and said it looked like something that I now can't unsee.  Any guesses?


 Here let me put it next to a skein of one of my other colorways - Helsinki - see if that gets you there:


Hmmm.. those colors look pretty familiar together...

Maybe this will help:
"It's ANNA yarn!!!"

RIIIIIIIGHT.  So I accidentally dyed Anna yarn.  Exactly.  I perhaps maybe have seen that movie one to many times.  So I did a little research and it turns out that Frozen is based on Norway:
Pictured:  The North Mountain?
My question is this:  Do I stick to calling the yarn Quebec City or do I lean in and name it Oslo?

Either way it's pretty.
My next new colorway is this one:


I've had the color combo of greys, purple, and yellow floating around my head for awhile now.  Finally I put it to yarn.  Even if I had no place to reference.  Which is not how I normally do things.  I loooooove it, though:


But I have no idea what to name it.  I mean what place is purple, grey, and yellow?


Both of these new colorways and a bunch more pretty will be at Yarn Cravin' all day November 18!
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