November 17, 2014

New Colorway Decisions.

So.  GAH!  Time totally got away from me there while I was preparing for my Destination Yarn show at Yarn Cravin'.

Getting ready for Yarn Cravin' this Sat and Tiny climbed into my bin of yarn! #stevensonpartyoffive #destinationyarn #indiedyer #yarn #knitting #knit
He's super helpful while I"m packing for a show!
The piles are lower than they were this morning but there is still plenty of pretty here at Yarn Cravin'! #destinationyarn #indiedyer #yarn #handdyedyarn #knit #knitting
Yarn Cravin'!
I absolutely did not mean to neglect this blog for so long!  Especially after all of your great suggestions for my new colorways!  Here's what I decided:

Provence was just perfect.  I can't believe I didn't think of it!  And I had to do this:

Yeah.  Why fight it?  It is what it is.  Amazing how deep those kids movies become entrenched.  Meh.  In other news check out this yarn I bought this weekend:

Yesterday at Yarn Cravin I bought this georgeous baby Llama / sparkle blend dyed by Behind the Pines. I want to knit a hat but I'm at a loss.... anyone knit any fantastic hat patterns recently?  It's a light worsted weight... #knit #knitting #indiedyer #y
It's handyed Baby Llama from Behind the Pines.  So soft and squishy!  I want it to be a hat to go with my houndstooth coat.... commence the Ravelry pattern stalking!

So! Many! Options!
Anyways thanks for all of the suggestions on my yarn.  Stay tuned - Destination Yarn has some more cool things coming up!
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