November 3, 2014

Vote YES on Issue 4!

So.  This is not nor will ever be a political blog.  But I do consider this to be my virtual home and as such occasionally I'm going to put out a yard sign:

My yard has some new bling. The best thing we can do for our city is to support excellent schools! @CLEMetroSchools #cmsd #THISISCLE #vote4on4 #issue4
So waaaaaaay back when I was in grad school I took a bunch of urban planning classes.  My masters is in Architecture but my thesis focused on planning so I was in that realm for much of my course work during that time.  I'll never forget how one of those classes started.  On the first day the professor asked a simple question:

"What is the single most important thing we can do to improve our cities?'

I raised my hand immediately and answered "Improve the schools."

The other 20-something design grad students looked at me like I was a crazy person.  And the professor while not directly telling me I was wrong just rambled on about how yes, sometimes public policy can be important...but blah blah blah.  You know what?  10 years later I still believe the same thing:

The single most important thing we can do to improve Cleveland is to improve our schools.

Because it doesn't matter how many lists we're on, how many conventions we get, how much talent returns, or how awesome the new Public Square becomes.  If we don't have good schools people won't stay here.  Period.

I'm living proof!  As much as I love this city I love my children more.  Like all parents!!!  And like all parents I will provide them with the best education that we can possibly afford.  Which means that as soon as all of these bright, young professionals moving into to our city have kids they're going to go "Peace, Cleveland.  It's been real" and move out to the suburbs while still rocking a "CLE" t-shirt.
And there are so very many Awesome Cleveland T-shirts.

The only reason we are not in that category is because of the excellence of the Cleveland Schools - specifically Campus International.  Believe me we thought about moving - agonized over it.  But ultimately the schools are why we stayed.

Issue 4 gives many, many more Clevelanders options.  It will rebuild and renovate 20 schools and repair 23 more.  Issue 4 means improved facilities for ALL of our children - the ones who have families that can afford to move and the ones that don't.  And it doesn't mean any more money out of pocket for taxpayers!  More info on the details of that in the Plain Dealer endorsement here.  To me this is a no-brainer.   It's good for our children.  It is good for our city.


Btw if it passes and everything goes according to the school board's plan the Dude will start Kindergarten in a brand new school building.  Lucky guy.
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