February 23, 2015

Cobblestones Hat and a Question.

So.  I have a new hat.

Cobblestones Hat
It's the Cobblestones Hat pattern (link to my rav project page) knit out of some lovely Between the Pines yarn I picked up last I was at Yarn Cravin'.

Cobblestones Hat
I carried this yarn around with me for about a month waiting to find the perfect pattern.  It's just such pretty yarn!  Alpaca!  Sparkle!  I needed an especially lovely pattern to match this especially lovely yarn.  Eventually I picked the Cobblestones pattern for it's simplicity.  The basic knit / purl texture adds just enough something to break up the variegated yarn:

Cobblestones Hat

I added a couple of inches to the length b/c slouchy hats are all the rage these days:
Cobblestones Hat
My 5yo daughter was my photographer.  She did the best she could.

Which brings me to my question....

How do bangs work in winter?

Seriously.  I"m about a year in on this whole bangs thing and I still haven't figured it out.  Either my hat is perched on my head like so:

Cobblestones Hat

 Or if I pull it down completely I end up with squished, flat, terrible bangs.  Am I just destined to have bad hair until the weather breaks?  Is there some sortof genius hat hack out there on pintrest that I just haven't found?  Because it's -11 out there.  I'm not leaving the house without a hat on.

But regardless of the bangs squishing situation I do love this hat:

Cobblestones Hat
I supposed perched on top of my head is way warmer than not at all.... 
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